different but not too different


It’s easy to talk the talk of diversification. It’s another thing to practice and embrace it. Especially if you are all alone. The most remarkable men and women in history have been those who, all by themselves, walked their unique path. In many cases their opposition was incredible and often fatal. But we will remember them for the good they accomplished.

What is it that you sense you must do? What path are you intuiting that you must walk?

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • It’s scary how often you are thinking about the same things I’m thinking about. I just want you to know that.

  • Jelies Lubberts

    A.B.Bruce in his book “The training of the twelve” said, “How mighty is the power of sympahty ! how ready are we all to follow the multitude, regardless of the way they are going! and how much moral courage it requires to stand alone!

  • Is it possible to go against the flow, crowd, peer-group, discipline, tradition, convention,
    culture, custom, box, bubble without anguish? The cartoon suggests some mean-y is making it hard on the person breaking away. But of course. Hurts like hell–like 40 yrs in the wildness: and then the challenge just begins: a promised land with giants. My yoke is easy says Jesus: who independent and autonomous is that?

  • The Lost Sheep or the one born of Spirit?

    Your answer will affect your level of happiness in the wonderful world of religion!

  • Conformity does nothing to encourage the creative mind (which God gave us)and it squelches the spirit within. Your cartoon today illustrated this perfectly!


  • Sarah


  • Dylan: lost sheep or born of the spirit. Hard to tell from both sides of the convention. A wilderness experience?