Offering Up Our Lambs

Someone once told me to keep my head down or someone will shoot it off. Many times I’ve been advised to be discreet for my own safety. History is clear: if you shine too much you’re in danger. If you excel you are at risk. If you beckon the best in us you may become our sacrifice.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Trying really hard to keep my down and not make eye contact. But I’m a slow learner.

  • This is true–what you show & tell, David. So what’s the best response to this truth? Do we have to be crazy to stick out head out? Inspired? From whence cometh our strength, say, to listen, obey, take our son up the mountain (so to speak) and offer up our best for sacrifice (in manners of speaking)? Given the truth of your depiction: what’s the response? “For your nonconformity, the world whips you with its displeasure,” says Emerson. So….what?

  • Hugs ‘n Jesus

    No words, only tears flowing down my cheeks…

  • Sacrificial religious thought has much to answer for!

  • Pat Pope

    I think this is why some shun church leadership. They admire you for taking it on, will even criticize at times the way things are done, but ultimately are not willing to get in the ring because they know it’s dirty business. They’d rather just look the other way than admit the sacrifice is actually taking place. After all, the machine keeps moving, why bother with questioning the ethics of it all?

  • Steve

    Amen, Dylan.

  • Hugs ‘n Jesus

    Are all things working together for the good? Maybe all things, the diversity of every experience we are having, is necessary to bring us=(all mankind) to a higher spiritual evolution in consciousness.

    Yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will not stop and build a condo there. It’s all about walking through.

    We are getting to repent, meaning to change the mind, change our thinking, or to reconsider, having thought, rethink.

    In repentance, we are getting to rediscover, to renew and re-know ourselves, and our heavenly and earthly family (all mankind) all over again.

    It’s all about the way we choose to think. It’s all about the way we choose to recognize, to honor and see God in everything and in all mankind. And most of all it’s about the Faithfulness of Him who Promised. Hugs to one and all!

  • Sarah

    DMA… too bl**dy right!