prayer from the cell: bear silence

I used to find silence disturbing. Now it is full of peace.

(We’re taking our daughter Casile back to university today so I won’t be around until later. Peace!)

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • He probably enjoys a bit of slence from us (now and then), instead of the usual complaining (about everything).

  • Not ONLY our “slence”…but even our ‘silence’.

  • David Waters

    I used to find silence disturbing… when I had control issues.

  • Isn’t there a typo? Shouldn’t it be:

    I will bare your silence
    if you will bare mine.

  • Much fair.

    You bore my silence, why wouldn´t he?

  • I am totally with you; in silence is my most peaceful place to be.

  • Doug

    I love solitude. But I am not where you guys are yet when it comes to God being “silent.”

    David, may the time a apart from Casile cause all your hearts to grow fonder.