prayer from the cell: Sunday mornings

Sunday morning’s are amazingly peaceful. They are full of blessing. Presence abounds. Benediction reigns. I rarely say a word.

That is my confession.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • When I was young, I would wear my pajama bottoms under my wool go-to-church pants and still itched and scratched all morning. We could hear the church across the street hooting and hollering and called them holy rollers. On the other corner: the massive Catholic church where, as a youngster, you could harvest cigarette butts off their steps later in the after noon and smoke them behind the nunnery next door. Presence abounding. Benedictions raining.

  • I love Sunday mornings now, too.

  • JP

    Sunday mornings without the pressure of getting ready for the strange sociological setting called “church” … beautiful!

  • Pat Pope

    Me too. Stress free as I freely attend a church now without the baggage of a position and if I don’t feel like going, like this morning, I stay in and get the rest that I need without any hint of guilt.

  • Ah – it was at first an odd but very freeing feeling walking past the endless row of cars parked outside ‘churches’ in Northern Ireland as I headed to the local coffee house with my Sunday papers. Such is the life of a recovering religious junkie.

  • Sugar

    Agreed… thank God for Sunday mornings!

  • I hope that someday somewhere you can find the same sense of worship, peace and blessing in community as well as in solitude.

  • Sarah

    Yey. You go man.

  • I still think you have so much to offer the greater community as a role of shepherd in the context of Christian community David…perhaps in a way that hasn’t been explored by the way you expressed faith before. Just sayin.

  • i hear ya andrew

  • Sigh.

  • There are so many Christ-less sermons, nowadays, that it could be that you are not missing anything. I-monk blog had a good post about Christ-less sermons, yesterday.

    You would be better off staying at home than subjecting to crap.

    Better, yet, as you would know I would say, would be to find a church which is indeed Christ-centered.