my new book “Without A Vision My People Prosper”

This isn’t my official launch. Yet. This is my preview notice. But I am happy to announce the publication of my new book: “Without a Vision My People Prosper”. This is what I say about it:

David challenges the modern need to formulate visions and set goals for local congregations. He argues that even though vision and goals might be useful for individuals, businesses and other organizations, it is harmful to genuine community.

Through a collection of his most relevant posts and cartoons from his blog, nakedpastor, David passionately endeavors to call the church back to the priority of fellowship over accomplishments.

I feel strongly about this book. I want pastors to read it. I want church leaders to read it. I want congregants to read it. I want anyone interested in Christianity to read it. I want anyone interested in nurturing a healthy community to read it. Order it for yourself or for someone you think needs to read it. I think it is important.

Rather than being an ordered argument against visionary thinking in the church, it is a kind of crazy quilt of my posts and cartoons related to the topic.

I think it is a “must read” for the church. In my humble opinion.

To order your copy from Amazon: CLICK HERE.

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  • David, I have loved the fellowship at Hope Chapel in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, led by Ralph Moore, who also has maintained the vision of being a church that plants churches. He sells this vision/purpose and promotes the local fellowship to help achieve this goal. If we don’t have some vision, we merely become a local fellowship, like a Moose Lodge or American Legion.

  • Sarah

    Love, David. May this help many.

  • i really do hope so sarah. thanks for the encouragement.

  • “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law” Proverbs 29:18

    Am I misquoting, or is your title a “modification,” David? I actually practice your non-vision, no-agenda approach in my classroom, as supplement to the surrounding get-R-done rigor of my colleagues and their courses. Quaker-Meeting-like every day: wondering what kind of emergent values and phenomenon will rise up in class. I describe it as inviting anarchy (no leaders) and chaos (the yawning chasm and gap which contains our arbitrary random-to-order ratios) into the classroom: in complementary contrast to the purpose-drive of the academic environment in which we swim, so to speak, our Alma Matrix.

  • David, may your book get to those who yearn to leave the straight-jacket of purpose driven churchianity.

    Every blessing on your endeavors.

  • DMcG

    The first men’s small group I was in ended when our pastor decided three of the five guys in the group needed to lead new small groups so we could “grow the program.” Result: five guys with no small group, and three unsuccessful groups of guys who had nothing in common and no way to gel as real small groups. All in the name of “vision.”

  • Brian

    For what it is worth, the NRSV is probably the best translation of the Proverb, “Without prophetic revelations the people perish…” This is the dreams and visions kind of stuff that Joel 2 and Acts 2 point to as one result of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all people. The vision-as-archtitectural-plan-used-by-leadership-to-move-the group-towards-set-tasks-and-goals is not a scriptural concept. It hails from the Harvard Business Review a few decades ago. On the other hand, the main evidence of the in filling of the Holy Spirit in Acts is boldness to bear witness–merely focusing on fellowship is probably a cul de sac for life in the Spirit.

  • i look forward to checking it out!

  • sam scoville

    “Neither logic nor sermons convince.” Focus on Fellowship–candles and nu-age music seems preferable to brain washing and manipulation and who said anything about the holy spirit anyway? All we need is love love love, love is all we need.