Sophia “Fearless”

I am once again making my Sophia prints available for just $25 each (not limited edition). Click HERE to check them out. They are excellent quality prints with acid-free ink on acid-free fine art paper. They are perfect for framing and hanging on your study wall, your office, your cubicle. Wherever you want to see it and be reminded of Sophia… a young woman’s journey out of bondage and towards her own spiritual independence and wisdom.

This one, Fearless, is one of the most popular of my Sophia drawings. You can’t move forward until you’ve been here. Metaphorically speaking. Didn’t John Wayne say something like, “Courage is fear getting back in the saddle”? Theologian Karl Barth said, “Courage is fear having said its prayers.”

So far I have over 40 images. Once I reach 52 I am going to assemble them into a book along with her story. I am hoping to incorporate some of my daughter Casile’s poetry.

I am also thinking of including some comments some of my readers have made on my Sophia drawings. With permission of course.

If you want to get your Sophia print, go HERE! Thanks.

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  • Sarah

    To me, she’s saying to the bear “Let’s be friends.”

  • Have you ever thought of doing a Sophia drawing with this verse from Proverbs 1:20, which depicts Lady Wisdom hollering among the market vendors, calling for us to buy her wares (wisdom)?

    Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares.

    I’ve always loved this image of Sophia. It’s no ivory tower that wisdom comes to us in, but in the nitty gritty of daily life.

    Love the paintings, the elephant and bear ones are my favorites, and the one with Sophia being sheltered in the tree in the storm.

  • thanks lydia. i have thought of the proverbs when drawing sophia, but not that particular situation. so far sophia has been in the wild mostly. that would be an interesting twist. thanks for your kind words.