aladdin’s bible

Magical version of the bible.

A magical version of the bible. Use scripture for what you want. It’s a recipe of potions. Bend it to grant your wishes. Ta-da!

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  • Sarah

    I’m sorry, but that spout is just in the shape of a phallus. Got it in the brain today! :-)

  • Sarah

    What happens when you rub it? ..

  • Megan Carus

    I may not agree with you on every issue (I do on most) but I appreciate the way you challenge the evangelical status quo.

    And Sarah, how unholy of you to think such dirty thoughts…I thought it too. I say that in jest, lol.

  • Gary


  • jesus loves gays

    i love the lamp. don’t we always do that, rub God’s word, looking for the answer to “poof” just appear. Of course, he’s got more answers than wishes in there, and we’ll never live long enough to figure them all out, so, it’s a good thing he gives us eternity after this to show us lots more.
    I’m excited.