Sophia “Trapped” as book cover

Sophia "trapped" used as bookcover

My provocative yet popular drawing of Sophia “Trapped’ (available as a print here) has been used as the cover image for Cynthia McClaskey’s new book, Religion’s Cell: Doctrines of the Church That Lead to Bondage and Abuse (<–click there to order from Amazon!) I was overjoyed to see “Cover Art by David Hayward right on the front cover! Wow!

Cynthia and I have been in communication for some time about this happening. I was so pleased to get my personally signed hardcover copy from Cynthia today, along with a lovely thank-you note.

I’m so happy that Sophia means so much to so many. This is just another encouragement for me to keep pressing on with her important and relevant story.

Success to you Cynthia!

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  • Jim

    Congrats on having one of your passions affirmed in this manner. It’s a great cover. It’s a great piece of art.

  • thanks jim.

  • Joanna

    Congrats, it looks good. I’ll have to check out that book. It’s so true…the way my ex-husband used certain verses to abuse me was truly disgusting and a perversion of everything Jesus came here to do. I’m glad it seems like more and more people are talking about this. It’s a very important issue for women’s freedom, security and peace.

  • Julia

    Congrats, David! It’s a beautiful picture and seems to suit the book’s topic very well.

  • Don’t get me started on how I was treated as a woman (ordained) in the church. “Objectified” is a mild word. Treated like a slut is what it really is, and I am just finding out how deep that went, six years ago.

  • Heidi Durham

    Wow David, I am so pleased for you. I love Sophia, I know she “speaks” to a lot of us. :^)

  • Cynthia McClaskey

    David, I am so glad you are excited. Your art depicts the realities of a religious “system” that has gone ‘unchecked’ for centuries. Abuses and lies of every kind are lurking beneath the system’s cloak of righteousness. The one’s that bear the brunt of the abuse have always been women and children. Your artwork so accurately depicts the theme of my book that I was absoultely stunned when I first saw it. I have already picked out two more of your artworks to use on my next book:)) Keep up the great work!!

  • Thanks so much Cynthia. It’s an honor.

  • Funny that in so many places, it’s the women and children who are in church wishing that the father were there, too.

  • HayleyTennyson

    i love the front cover of this book had a wee nosy in amazon and book looks good so gonna order it.
    I love your art work any way David, was wondering if you were going to great a book out of them? 🙂

  • yes hayley, that’s my goal. thanks.

  • Sarah

    Well done David. Gods bless.

    Sas x

  • Christine

    “Funny that in so many places, it’s the women and children who are in church wishing that the father were there, too.”

    Guess I’ve never experienced this. Is it more common in certain areas or types of churches than others? I’ve been to lots of different types of churches in different places (mostly in cities, though, if it makes a difference) and have generally seen a gender balance. No noticeable difference in men versus women in attendance or participation. Hard to imagine, actually.

  • Congratulations to you both! I am so happy to see your amazing art on the cover of her book. 🙂

  • ccws

    Can’t help laughing. “Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented” posted this drawing on Facebook the other day & I recognized the style as yours immediately even though the drawing was unsigned. Love it.

  • ccws

    p.s. Just went back to that page & asked them to tag the pic with your name. Credit where credit is due!

  • Opened Reddit this morning and saw Sophia.

    People are talking about it here: