cannibal lambs

sheep, not wolves, eating sheep.

I remember when this first came out a couple years ago. It caused quite a stir. I asked myself why. It’s certainly because it strikes close to home. I think it’s true.

Has this happened to you?

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  • Dan Hergott

    Whoa Dave, that’s pretty brutal.
    But you know, I think I have been hurt more and deeper by the church leaders and members than the world.

    Sad, sad statement.

  • Pat Pope

    Yep, isn’t there a saying about Christians eating their own?

  • Helen

    Yes, been there. No need for a ‘wolf in sheeps’ clothing’, the sheep can quite capably do the damage on their own. There’s the ‘initial horizontal violence’ and then there’s the shock, PTSD and hurt which I think is more intense because we’ve been trusting of these other sheep. That poor sheep on the ground is the non-conforming one (my kind of sheep).

  • David McGlasson

    As it’s said, the Church is the only Army to shoot its own wounded. Sad but too often true. Solid believers who have a moral failing, make a bad decision, find themselves in a financial bind, or even have the misfortune to raise prodigal children have found themselves ostracized by “friends” they’ve know for decades, and effectively excluded from the “fellowship.” Though how much of a fellowship it is when people behave that way can surely be debated.

  • Jacquie

    David, this brought me to tears. Sadly it is the experience of many…been there myself. You’ve really nailed it today with this art.

  • “Has this happened to you?”

    It happens everyday. It happens at work. In politics. In our avocations. And, even at church.

    Thankfully, I understand that those who go to church are the same people that are out there in the world…so I am never shocked when people will behave like the broken and compromised creatures that they are.

  • Sometimes at the leadership level there are sheep dressed up as wolves…and this applies as Steve said, in many areas.

  • Emily

    Honestly, I don’t think this needs a “then” and “now”. I don’t believe cannibal sheep are in any way a new phenomenon.

  • Helen

    Agreed – ‘those that eat their young’ are everywhere in society, and not just at the leadership levels. I understood the cartoon to mean specifically the church in this instance. Steve Martin, the question was – “Has this happened to you?”

  • marcie

    Those in the world know more about love and acceptance then the church has ever known.

  • amazonfeet

    Spot on, David…yes, it has happened to me, and I’m not about to go back and ask for more…

  • Helen,

    Not to that extent (in the church). We are very fortunate in our church. We have our squabbles now and then, but nothing serious.

    But about 2o years ago in the same church, they did have some serious trouble.

  • Ruthie

    Gosh I know this well. I feel safer walking along the beach by myself late at night than I do going into any church.

  • Matthew

    Nothing new in this I’m afraid, brother Paul saw it 2000 years ago: “If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.” (Gal 5:15). “Put up with each other, and forgive each other if anyone has a complaint.” (Col 3:13).

  • Gary

    This has never happened to me in the world. Oh I have been wounded by enemies sure enough. But I have never been savaged by those who called themselves my friends in any worldly setting…only in the church.

  • shadowspring

    David Mc,

    One can get eaten without any of the characterizations you list as true. I merely disagreed politically, and as my pastor was in the midst of veering sharply to the right, that was enough for him to throw out all restraint and anything resembling Christian love.

    I am still in shock. Christians in general aren’t free to call people in anger, chew them out non-stop, and call people liars, much less a pastor. My repeated attempts to get him to ‘fess up were met with silence.

    Every week he offers communion. He used to offer his cell phone to anyone needing to reconcile broken relationships; he is the biggest hypocrite ever standing up there now, KNOWING he broke fellowship with MY ENTIRE FAMILY and refusing to humble himself to make things right.

    Church is a joke these days. He is not alone in believing his due in life is 10% of the income of God’s people and the right to run roughshod over them without penalty. I am on the net enough to know it is happening everywhere.

  • Helen

    shadowspring, do you also think the hurt depends on the level of respect and esteem that you held the person in before they did a ‘turn and rend’ ? I think it must be hard also for you to decide to continue worshipping there…

  • So, this showed up on my Pinterest page, and I had to take a screenshot. Thought you might be amused as well:

  • well susanna that’s just hilarious!! which of these doesn’t belong kind of thing!

  • Yes I am among the many who have had the sheep turn on them. I have now left the ‘church’ and live my faith as an individual. I have said before about this so I wont go on again about it (sigh of relief from your readers… LoL) but I feel that this decade will see more people like myself. Slowly a turn around on what church means and is will become evident. Selah.