chewing our cud

Being taught same old stuff like chewing our cud.

Animals chew their cud to make their food more and more digestible. The mind can be like this… constantly regurgitating the same old stuff over and over again to make it more digestible and easier to swallow. The mind loves and craves safety, comfort and security. It always prefers to resort to what it already knows.

The challenge is to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Our charter is to become a new creation.

Questions are one of the most effective ways of disturbing the swampy calm of a calloused mind. Questions undermine its false security and open it up to new ways of being, thinking and perceiving. Questions can convert the mind from just knowledgeable to wise.

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  • Questions are always good. I’m glad my pastors welcome them.

  • I always wondered what pastors talked about! 😉 Having had listened to sermons for 13 consecutive years (up until this past June) I can say that I’ve heard a lot of repeating!

  • My pastor often says, “there’s really only one sermon”.

    You can give that sermon in a million different ways. Use the law (not necessarily the 10 Commandments) to show our inability to be what we ought be…and then proclaim the gospel into that need. To forgive and bring new life.

    We believe we need to hear this (these) messages, over and over and over again…all throughout life. Repentance and forgiveness…the shape of the Christian’s life.

  • Sarah

    I’m glad that he reassures us that he’s with us whilst he’s doing this (well, me, anyway!)