prayer from the cell: switch

where's the switch prayer from the cell by nakedpastor david hayward

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Your Holy Text Message today made me imagine many Churches to be similar to a bunch of folks sitting in a dark attic, sipping tea and talking about the wonderful light of their Lord.

    Sure, I sit there long enough and I too grow accustom to the dim light leaking in and see the old things stored there. Finally I see the light that they claimed takes time to see. But it is impossible to get them to believe there are other rooms in the house with actual lights on — and that we could put a light up here too so that they could see that it does not take faith to see and that all these old things up here are just old things.

  • David,

    You are the switch.


  • Romans 1:16 contains the answer.

  • Gary

    We are the switch David.

  • Many Christians (Calvinists, I believe), think God does the switching — if the light ain’t on, it is just tough shit, he doesn’t want it on. So no need to be feeling guilty for not finding the switch.

    Many Atheists believe their ain’t no switch.

    Amazing, Atheists and Calvinists agree that there is no reason to worry about a switch (albeit for radically different reasons).

    Seems like some visiting here feel poor David just doesn’t understand the simple facts of the spiritual world. Hell, he does not even know that he is the switch. Poor, confused David.

  • Jo Ann Basel

    one planetone homeGod’s~Love’s one family

    you~we are the light

    you are happy when you’re content with just who you are~~no more, no less; that’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought;

    you are happy when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God~Love;

    Father~Mother~Elder Brother Jesus, are food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat;

    you are happy when you care; at the moment of being *care~full* you find yourselves cared for;

    you are happy when you get your inside world~~your mind and heart~~put right;

    then you can see God/Love all around the world; in the hearts of all; even though some may not know it;

    you are happy when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight; that’s when you discover who you really are; and your place in God’s~Love’s family;

    you are happy when your commitment to God~Love provokes persecution; the persecution drives you even deeper into God’s Love;

    not only that~~count yourselves happy every time people put you down or throw you out or speak lies about you;

    what it means is that the truth is too close for comfort and they are uncomfortable;

    you are salt; salt~seasoning that brings out the God/Love-flavors of this earth;

    you are light; bringing out the God~Love-colors in the world;

    God~Love is not a secret to be kept;

    keep open house; be generous with your lives;

    by opening up to others, you are encouraging other hearts to continue opening up, to unfold, to embrace and to love their heavenly Father~Mother~Elder Brother Jesus and to love others as they are loving themselves;

    love n* hugs always n* forever: )to one and to allggmha

  • This is a good one, David. I asked this question for a long time, and finally decided to stop actively waiting for an answer.

    “We’re the switch.”

    Ha. Good one, Gary & Doug (a.k.a God). Sounds like you’re saying God is controlled by us, the switches.

  • Jo Ann Basel

    love n’ hugs always n’ forever: ) to one and to all — ggmha

    these videos express so beautifully~

    that “you/we are the light of the world”

  • Natalie

    So if God is controlled by us, than there may as well be no God. That would really mean that WE are in control, not God. How can we trust God with our problems if WE control him and God is merely a puppet? Of course if that were the case, we’d have no problems, would we? None of this is making any sense for me….religious stuff never seems to. 🙁

  • Gary

    No Mark I’m not suggesting we control God. But I am suggesting those who are not seeking illumination are not likely to find it.

    And expressing my view in no implies that I think “poor David just doesn’t understand the simple facts of the spiritual world.”


  • What about those who have been seeking illumination but did not find it. <– this is the theme of many of David's cartoons. His drawings address the "God is silent" theme.

    So is David not seeking? For isn't Jesus made to say, "Seek and thee shall find".

    Gary is "suggesting those who are not seeking illumination are not likely to find it."

    But isn't David asking, "what if we are seeking and don't find?"

    Believers variously respond:
    (a) You are seeking the wrong way
    (b) You are not really seeking
    (c) You are seeking in the wrong places
    (d) You don't know where the switch is
    (e) No answer is God's answer
    (f) Sin is obstructing your relationship

    Can't there be other answers? Does anyone dare to believe that "Seek and you shall find" may be wrong?

  • Gary

    We are the switch David.

    (Ironic isn’t it…that as a believer my perspective will be from a believer’s point of view. Weird huh?) 😉

  • Sabio, I feel the same way.

    Gary, I know you weren’t suggesting that. I just like looking for absurdities in metaphors. You know, carrying them way past what they were meant for. 🙂