prayer from the cell: pretending

prayer from the cell pretending by nakedpastor david hayward

Are you tired of pretending?

Tired of pretending you have faith?
Tired of pretending you are straight?
Tired of pretending you are happy?
Tired of pretending you love your church?
Tired of pretending you want to live?
Tired of pretending you are content being what everybody wants you to be?

True release from these stresses comes from admitting the truth…
admitting it as in letting it in, welcoming it, and permitting it…
allowing it to do its work.

You are who you are.
Perfectly and wondrously you.

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  • Yes.

  • Carol

    The Law of Allowing
    “I am that which I am.
    While I am that which I am,
    I allow others to be that which they are.”

    We can practice the *Law of Allowing* toward others; but we can’t force others to practice it towards us.

    I think that the only Person we can rely on to practice the Law of Allowing is God since it requires unconditional love to put it into practice consistently.

    All of us will fail to practice the Law of Allowing in some cases; so we should not expect others to practice it toward us.

    Suffering is the result of seeking love, acceptance and security in all the wrong places which is everywhere except in the Sacred Embrace of God.

    When our primary relationship is our relationship with God, we can have healthy interdependent, rather than needy co-dependent, relationships.

    Having our emotional needs are met frees us to love others in spite of the inevitable reality that our love will be rejected and betrayed at times. As long as the rejections and betrayals are occasional and not an abusive way of life, forgiveness will be sufficient to fill in the gaps between the “is” and the “ought to be’s” in our experiences of this still evolving, less-than-perfect gift of temporal life.

  • God is after those who know their great need of Him.

    He came for the sick. Not the healthy.

    If you’re sick and know it, don’t pretend that you are not.

    And if you’re not sick, I pray that one day reality will set in and you will realize your true condition.

  • Carol

    Healing begins in this life, although it will not be complete this side of the fullness of Eternity.

    The Gospel offers us the gift/virtue of an eschatological hope; but that is not all that it bestows on us. We begin to bear the “fruit” of the Spirit, although not with unfailing consistancy, this side of the grave, also.

    To be redeemed is not merely to be absolved of guilt before God, it is also to live in Christ, to be born again of water and the Holy Spirit, to be in Him a new creature, to live in the Spirit.~Thomas Merton

  • BW

    Yes, I am tired of pretending I have faith. I am tired of being quiet when others express views I no longer agree with. Or never agreed with. I am tired of being who others think I should be instead of who I really am. I am tired of people rejecting me when I do try be be me but then am tired of sacrificing my true self on the altar of friendship so that I don’t get rejected. I am tired.

  • rhys

    Tired? Yes. I feel though that if I stop to acknowledge the mess, I’ll fall apart and lose my job. I have a depressed teenager at home too, and I don’t want her to think she can stop and give up on life.
    Why not pretend? I don’t think true happiness will be mine in this lifetime – may as well just get on with it.

  • i know that feeling rhys.

  • Carol

    Wow! I’m glad I wasn’t raised in the ecclesiastical subculture.

    I have a secular coping mechanism. The “F” and the “S” word are especially cathartic.

    Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words.
    — Calvin and Hobbes comic strip

  • VanPastorMan

    Maybe I am different than some pastors, but I truly do my best to be authentic. One of the questions I ask my wife is, “Am I the same at church as I am at home?” She says most of the time I am. As a pastor I have seen the good and bad sides of the church. I somewhat echo Augustine who said, “The church is a harlot,but she is my mother.” I can’t find any other place on this planet where people have the same faith in Christ as I do. I probably can’t find too many of those in the bars, or on the golf course. It seems like the church is my best bet to have spiritual fellowship. Now, I like what David said about pretending. I often to my folks that they need to be honest with God,themselves, and others. It’s always a good policy.

  • Kris

    A lot of people are pretending and in order to pretend they need validation. They try to get that validation by forcing others to adopt their beliefs.