the dictatorial pastor

the dictatorial pastor cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“The Dictatorial Pastor” (ink and pencil on paper)

(Many original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25… plus shipping.)

There is a subtle agreement in many churches: the pastor needs people to tell what to do, and some people want to be told what to do. This combination makes many churches work perfectly.

Are you looking for a place where you can process your own spirituality free of this kind of agreement? Please consider joining Many will be there to welcome you.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Kris

    That’s interesting.

    Our senior pastor was a great man, but when he brought up an idea he did not like it challenged.

    I was in the contemporary choir (it was more a mix of traditional and contemporary) for one of our services and he wanted to talk to us about doing more traditional music when we thought we were headed in the more contemporary choir.

    He had some good points but we also had some questions, concerns and ideas of our own that came up. We all thought it was a great discussion but I found out he was very unhappy with it. I guess he just wanted us to nod our heads in agreement with whatever he said.

  • Many leaders, of many different types of organizations have the same problem.

    I do believe that being a leader sometimes causes people to think that way of them, rightly…or wrongly.

  • Caryn LeMur

    ‘The perfect leader is like the outer shell of the lotus blossom. In the beginning, he is hard and strong and going in only one direction. But as the flower bud opens, the leader retracts his protection, and allows all the petals to show.’

    May I offer that pastors may have some trouble seeing (and living) the transition of the leadership of Christ from strong leader to facilitator/servant? The One that strode to the top of the mount for an incredible sermon, at the end of His ministry then washed His disciple’s feet.

    The leadership style needed at the beginning of a new work (for advancing the kingdom of God) is very strong and protective – but must quickly change to the style of facilitator/servant when the Wind of the Spirit brings an end to the ‘strong leader’ phase.

    In my opinion, the end of the first phase is obvious, because some of the initial followers begin to ‘show the color’ and push against the sepals (the outer shell of the blossom). It is our sacred duty to become less, so that they may become more. Christ is shown in the amazing complicated blossom far better than shown in the outer sepals.

    Oh, on one of my prize Iris, I sometimes must cut the outer sepal, or the flower bud will entirely die. Yet, when I do cut it, I almost always damage some of the lovely petals forming within. I think I understand some of our Lord’s heart, when He must remove the strong leader to ensure His church blossoms.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn