mine all mine

mine all mine cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Mine All Mine” (ink & pencil crayon on paper, 8″x8″)

Some talk about the Christ principal. I get it. If you’ve followed my z-theory at all, you will understand that I see the story of the incarnation as a powerful metaphor that attempts to describe reality. It resonates with me.

However, I do not imagine it as a story of one religion dominating the world, as many do. Of course, Christianity isn’t the only religion guilty of the ambition of world domination. It is the nature of all religions, Christianity included.

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  • Richard

    Either Jesus is the Creator of the universe or He isn’t. If He is ( and I believe He is ) then He is pretty exclusive and worthy of my worship above any other. He is therefor worthy of worship by any other, not just me. At the moment it is not about world domination, only worthiness. Respect for others is another subject.

  • Kris

    Sometimes I imagine a little Jesus as a spoiled brat.bhahahahaha!

  • James

    Interesting thoughts. I am also sensitive to the way exclusivist doctrine and theology is limiting and controlling. Your critical art nails it on the head many times. However, in this case, does Jesus really want to dominate? Is it our interpretation of Christ that constructed in a way so that WE can dominate?

    John 3:17, the lesser known sister of 3:16, says it for me. He did not come to condemn but that people might be saved. That is, that they might become aware of how their sinful disposition alienates, hurts and diminishes the world and themselves. And he calls them to something better, life affirming.

    Jesus is certainly not a dominating figure in the historical records…in fact, he seems to care very little about taking over. Instead in Advent we have the God who makes himself so very vulnerable to “the world’s” capricious, petty and self serving ways. In the biblical record baby herod was the power hungry, self serving being. Perhaps he would be better depicted here?

  • Christianity, or the life of faith, desires that all would come to know of Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

    That is it. No world domination. No Sharia laws to rule us. Just freedom. The freedom of the gospel for the ungodly. The one’s who know their need of God.

  • Oh ya Steve. Just awesome! I totally KNEW you were going to pull the Muslims into this somehow.

  • You were the one who brought up “world domination”. The Quran and a great many Muslims believe in that. The VAST majority of Christians don’t not want Christianity to dominate anyone, but the love of Christ to illuminate every heart.

    Read these few paragraphs:


    Thanks, David.

  • gio

    I get this, I laughed. I do however take comfort in that Jesus demonstrates Gods imminence. He isnt unreachable, unknowable, He comes to us, within us, among us. Right? I mean this is the gospel, the good news. He isn’t just an energy field, or an impersonal power, he is human, has a soul, a personality and we can relate to him intimately. Relational intimacy is a deep seated human need that if not met I believe feeds most of the evil done in the world.

    His resurrection points to overcoming the world not through rigorous self performance, religion or ritual, but only through relationship, and belief. I take great comfort in this in times when life seems the opposite. Being a student of world religions, I love philosophy, love to think, study, analyze…….this is the one thing I dont find anywhere else. The pity is it has been bastardized by people who’ve laid claim to the person and message of Jesus and used it to further the agenda of their flesh, thereby missing the point entirely……….so I get the cartoon. cheers david

  • I don’t think it’s the nature of all religions. There are many religions with no mandate or incentive to proselytize.

    In the thousands of religions practiced throughout history, I can only name six groups – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Roman paganism, Baha’i, and certain branches of Hinduism – that have an ambition to convert outsiders.