we are one

we are one cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“We Are One” (ink on paper, 8″x8″)

Although our minds divide and separate, and although all things appear and seem separated, we are all one. All is one. There is no division except what we enact and empower and enable. But this division is an illusion. It is not the Real. It is not the Substantial.

The Oneness has to be ‘seen’. It is a revelation. It cannot be reached at through intellectual exercise. It is not the accumulation of knowledge. It is known like your breath is known. It is known like the beating of your heart. Even more, it is known like the breath of your lover’s. It is known like the beating of your lover’s heart against the beating of yours.

You will know it when you know it. You will recognize it when you see it.

(Many original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25 plus shipping. Or you can look through my online gallery.)

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  • Kris

    The way you depict this is very funny, but it’s actually sad we fail to see that we are one. And it’s not about being exactly the same, it is the fact that we are all human, experience similar things, encompass the same emotions and need a fellow human to help us out once in a while. How we flavor things with religion and our outward appearance just makes the world more interesting.

  • Richard

    We may truly believe we are one but it takes mental gymnastics to think it is true. There are enemies and I am not talking about the church. Divisions have been set. There are those around who gladly would and do destroy us, those close to us and others who would lay back and do nothing. It is easy to voice platitudes. Then many would be glad and relieved and even cry with joy when they are rescued by others who would risk their lives to save us.

  • Syl

    Richard, we are connected even to – sometimes most especially to -those who are our enemies. Enmity does not negate the fact of being joined, but in a perverse way highlights it.

  • Here’s a new one by Lutheran Satire, just for you NP. The Westboror chipmunks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEIqEYP_ZvM

    Yes, Carol, I will admit it shows some inter-denominational strife demonstrated here, but you may agree with it. See, it’s been a while since Calvinists and Lutherans have killed each other or stoned each other or anything like that, if they ever have. I know Lutherans have several centuries ago killed anabaptists. That is true and shameful. On the other hand, exchanging words is a legal thing to do, and has something to do with our liberty and why a lot of people have come to North America. On FB there is a very active Lutheran/Calvin discussion group, and I personally help translate Luther quotes from more obscure books for a Calvinist, when he needs that in his research. So, some diversity and discussion is not so bad. I wonder if it’s not much worse to just sit together and say Om.

  • Richard

    Syl…You are right. In a perverse way or highlighted way we are connected to our enemies.
    They are nevertheless our enemies. Unfortunately many do trust them and do not recognise them until it is too late.