a remarkable family of remarkable women

remarkable family of women cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“A Remarkable Family of Remarkable Women” by David Hayward

Imagine sitting around the dinner table with these remarkable people!! Wow!


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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • It’s all about us, isn’t it.

  • Actually it is Steve! I agree with you.

  • Gary

    Amen to that. (The cartoon I mean)

  • If this was a real-life scenario, my father in law would run screaming from the room – I’m pretty sure he’s still upset women got the vote. His comment on the weekend when Kathleen Wynne was elected premier “I guess that’s the way things are going now”. I wish I’d had the guts to ask him how he felt about it but then he probably wouldn’t say anything. Still, it’s fairly obvious he’s a patriarchal chauvinist.

  • If he’d (father in law) had been American, he would have voted for Romney..enuf said…

  • I think this is insulting to the “woman of color”. The other three are about opinions, etc. which one can discuss, even vigorously. Color is just a genetic trait of human beings, a creation of God to be loved without reservation. The “woman of color” may also want to have nothing to do with the rest of them, as we are finding the African churches very opposed to Western liberalism.

  • So Steve, am I wrong in guessing you would say something different to these women? Something to the effect that Jesus died to save them from their sins, and they should focus on Him? You seem to say this sort of thing often, but I could be wrong. But if you did, it would sound good and pious and not all that condemning. However there is still a hint of judgement, even in your comment. Instead the mom in the picture just loves them. Isn’t this the better way? Love will triumph over judgement every time. Love people as they are. Then perhaps they will see how much love you have and wonder how they can be like you. That is how you spread the gospel, through love. Do me a favor, by the way, and read St. Paul’s beautiful description of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Then go back and replace the word love with Jesus or God, since God is love. If we as humans are expected to love like this, why would God’s love be any less? Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  • Gary

    Interesting that you would make such a claim Brigitte since you are not a “woman of color”. How is it exactly that you believe you can speak to what may or may not insult them?

    I get from David’s cartoon that there are 4 distinct classes of women who have been treated badly by the bigotry so prevalent in the Christian Church. BTW – The distinction in their classes I refer to has much more to do with the prejudice of others than it does with them.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  • It’s not meant to be insulting Brigette. These 4 women… well… five actually… are generally marginalized by a large segment of the church, and I wanted to show how, by the remarkable diversity represented in one family, that they could model love, acceptance, and unity.

  • Kris

    As a “woman of color” it is NOT insulting….and I don’t know anyone in the LGBT community who choose to “be that way.” And as far as I am concerned, the end result of discrimination for any reason is the same – denying a person to live up to their potential.

    I find this cartoon to be very empowering. They are just stating who they are, genetics or not. And with that they go out into the world.

  • danny

    A variety of things that are chosen and things that are natural, which are accepted regardless, if something is a choice we should not treat it any different.

  • BW

    Love it! I’m with Kris, this cartoon is very empowering.

  • Caryn LeMur

    This cartoon somehow reminds me of the mind-boggling history of Josiah and Hilkiah – Josiah the young king is doing great – walking with God for 18 years (and counting)! Hilkiah was the High Priest, and doing great – he is moving money from the treasury to the lead construction workers – they are called men so honest that they do not have to account for the funds! Together, they are rebuilding the Temple! Go team!

    And when King Josiah wants to know God’s will and words, the King orders Hilkiah to inquire of the Lord. And, then the High Priest goes to a woman named Huldah, a prophetess, to hear God’s reply.

    Years ago, I was told that ‘only when men failed, did God use women’. But this episode of history shows quite the opposite – strong men recognizing a woman that hears God, and working together. The appointed working with the annointed…. Amazing….. [II Kings 22]

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn