painting: we await the storm

we await the storm painting by nakedpastor david hayward
“We Await the Storm” (watercolor, 6″x9″)

The personality of the universe! So incredibly diverse. Sometimes calm. Sometimes fierce.

The storms that we face in our personal lives… where can we hide? Who can abide them?

What if we faced them squarely? We might escape them just barely.

But I live among survivors. Every one of them, a survivor.

Like you. Like me.

(The original is available!)


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  • yes sometime it make very mush loss in the city.

  • Mad =^..^= (AKA ccws)

    White birches are one of my favorite trees! I remember suddenly driving thru a whole stand of them in upstate New York in midsummer a few years ago. The stark white trunks against the deep green background were simply stunning. I still wish I’d had my camera with me…