there are evil spirits in your thrift store clothes

evil spirits in your clothes cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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So Pat Robertson advised one of his viewers who wondered if there were evil spirits in her thrift store clothing that… well… better safe than sorry… cast those demons out!

A friend on another site of mine said that we couldn’t blame her for anything… that it was her Goodwill sweater talking!

As they say on the red carpet: “Who are you wearing?” I hope it’s not Beelzebub!

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Kathy

    Well, Satan may have gotten a hold of my sweater but good news Jesus has infiltrated my Salvation Army tv stand and I now possess the power to heal people.

  • Oh, Pat Robertson.

    Some Christians believe some very goofy stuff. And he’s one of them.

  • old adam: you mean Pat Robertson is one of the goofy stuff people believe? LOL.

  • Ok, I gotta ask, especially in light of some of the comment threads we’ve had, is this cartoon in the spirit of the law of love? I’m trying to think how I would feel if someone drew a cartoon of me that equated me with a demon, and I don’t think it would be very helpful to me. It’s one thing to call Pat out for one of his teachings, but this just seems spiteful; like you’re attacking him as a person and not just his beliefs or teachings.

    That’s all I’ll say on this; David, I could be very wrong and there may be nothing wrong at all with the cartoon, but I thought I should at least bring it up. You can take this or leave it as you see fit; I will trust your judgement.

  • he should get a chuckle out of it, don’t you think?

  • if he’s gracious : )

    ok, that’s all I’ll say; this time for realsies

  • thanks jon. i never try to be mean. i just think we should all be able to laugh at this, including Robertson… just think if you were praying to cast demons out of your clothes and you were the one exorcised!! isn’t that funny????? my sick mind, i know.

  • All the greatest comedians had sick minds; though I’m not sure if that means that you should be grateful of a sick mind, or be worried of your company. At any rate, thank you for taking what I said both seriously and with grace.

  • Gives new meaning to the phrase “Out, damn spot, out I say!” Or something….

  • Carol

    The believer’s choice of a guru says as much about the believer as it does about the guru.

    That Pat Robertson has amassed a such a large loyal following in spite of his many irrational and often hateful statements speaks volumes about the level of theological/spiritual maturity [or rather the lack of it] in America. The mainline churches haven’t done a very good job of equipping their members for the challenges of the late 20th/21st centuries!

    I have noticed and appreciate how David has been trying very hard not to become a guru. Very wise, indeed!

    “All methods and techniques — and of course all human beings who propound them — are merely instruments to help the student attain a methodless technique-free teacherless state. Let him not get enslaved by the thought of their necessity. Let him not confuse the attitudes towards life which they provide, with life itself. Let him not turn the way into the goal nor the means into the end. All techniques were originated for the purpose of opening a door to the inner essence. But undiscriminating people cling stubbornly to the door and do not permit it to open. The wise student will keep his attitude subtle, elastic and dogma-free.” ~Dr. Paul Brunton

    A True Teacher
    “One of the biggest challenges of spiritual evolution is the cultivation of humility and courage. We need to have enough humility to enable us to recognize those who have genuinely reached a higher stage of development than our own, and then we need to have enough courage to aspire to meet them where they are. If a spiritual teacher is authentic, he or she will never finally be satisfied until the student either equals or surpasses the teacher’s attainment. A true teacher is someone who doesn’t want followers but rather wants authentic partners in this great task of evolutionary transformation.”—Andrew Cohen

    Here is a link to an excellent article on the guru/follower phenomenon: