a sheep’s attempted escape

a sheep’s attempted escape March 23, 2013
a sheep's attempted escape cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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There’s really no theological commentary to add to this one. Sheep don’t intentionally try to escape and hide. At least I don’t think so.

However, just the other day someone asked me how it felt to be lost. I politely replied that I’m not lost, but escaped. And then I thought of this cartoon and realized that even though I have escaped, I keep getting dragged back into the fold, engaging in the conversation around theology and the church.

So I guess some of us are like sheep in the desert, making our own noise outside the fold but close enough to still be numbered with it. Lost or escaped, it is all embraced.

Even though some aren’t, I’m okay with it.

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  • evelyn

    hahaahhhah..this has made me laugh indeed…

  • Carol

    We are a social species. Most of us don’t stay *lost* for long. We rather quickly find other wilderness wanderers to share our adventure or another sheep pen that is more congenial to our private vision of what constitutes a meaningful life.

    In our highly narcissistic society, which has confused pathological individualism with healthy individuation, many of us have joined online communities which spare us the trauma of the in-your-face-in-time-and-space encounters with egoists [either religious or secular] who have little tolerance for the “otherness” of others. The choice of whether to engage or not is wholly ours, which provides the opportunity for productive dialogue without the risk of being subjected to an ongoing cycle of abusive polemics.

    I am an egalitarian inclusivist. I regard no one as *special*, but everyone as unique. IMO, the banquet of life would be pretty dull if everyone brought the same covered dish to the table.

    Respect is due to all, but trust must be earned.

  • Adam Julians

    hahahahaha. I’m with you there “making a noise outseid the fold” and “gettgin dreagged back in to the fold”.

    A Vineyard pastor once said I have a “prophetic anointing”. Tho he didn’t like what I had to say to him on one occasion about what he was doing. So, i guess I would have been a trouble maker in his eyes at that time. I’ll take being called either a prophet or a troublemaker. Both have an edge to them that I like.

    Well not only do a I make a noise outsied of church with stand up comedy. (Some people say comedians ar ethe modern day prophets). But I was also making a noise today at a men’s breakfast in a church with calling the church to repentance and at least one person agreeing with me that this needs to happen. Woo hooo.

    enjoying your cartoons David. Maybe there is a stand up comic there inside you dyong to get out – you shoul try a loval open mic night and give it a go maybe *wink*.

  • Ron

    Dave…. The parable of the sheep who finds the hole in the corral fence….. the hermetically-sealed condom of ‘safe’ churchianity-sect-z actually is left by God to be ‘escaped’ through….. the 100th sheep is compelled…propelled….Spirit chasing curious, unsatisfied, discontent spirit out into the WILDerness… and dances with wolves…which are actually wider, fuller Deep to deep awareness/understanding of God in us…ALL in all…. de-PEW-ing us out of PEW-trefaction….. even though we be deemed Adullam-cave bound hertetics…with Saulish-savage-spears chasing us for our ‘betrayal’….. no, the GRACE FIRE of God NEVER mends the ‘escape’ hole in the fence!

  • He does come after us…again and again and again.

    But the Scriptures seem to say, in man y places, that there does come a time when He will just let us go.

    Maybe it’s there just to keep us from taking it for granted. I hope so.

  • I am rather confused about who designates where the ‘sheep fold’ begins and ends. Where in scripture does it say that the ‘sheep fold’ is a structure, or an organization, or a denomination, or any other man made tradition? If Jesus came to reveal the Father, and the only people he ever got upset with were religious leaders in religious institutions going on about religious doctrines, it isn’t all that far a stretch to imagine that maybe it wasn’t those that lived outside of religion he went after, but rather, those that had somehow managed to crawl back inside?

    When he spoke about the ‘lost sheep of Israel’, he wasn’t talking to the prostitute, the tax collector, the junkie. or the atheist – he was talking to religious leaders who stood in the synagogue and declared that anyone, especially Jesus, who lived outside of their rule and authority, was not from God. Makes me want to rethink the whole ‘lost’ thing – doesn’t it you?