all the wrong people

all the wrong people cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“All the Wrong People” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

Yep! That’s all we need is one more defender of Heaven.

But you can tell by the look on St. Peter’s face that he isn’t too impressed.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Anyone who rejoices over someone else not getting to Heaven probably won’t be going themselves; and I for one will be happier for their absence.

  • Gary

    Seems as if everyone has their own standard as to what action, attitude, belief, etc., qualifies one for entrance into heaven.

    A grace that is dependent upon a “correct” anything…is no grace at all.

  • Caryn LeMur

    In a way, I think this cartoon is similar to the discussion on the LGBT Rainbow cartoon just the day before.

    Is the church institution a Citadel of Righteousness, the Salt of the World that sets the record straight on ‘what is good and what is evil’ in the Bible?

    Is the church institution a Hospital for the Wounded, to welcome them in, and then ‘heal’ them back to normallacy (with ‘normal’ being somewhere in some way defined in the Bible)?

    Is the church really the Body of Christ – that is, His hands, His feet, and His priorities (whether in an instituional setting or not)?

    I lean towards the third view… but I admit it is the most difficult of the three views… Christ’s priorities appear to be ‘love in motion’ flowing in almost unpredictable directions as dictated by the greatest need:
    – He heals a slave rather than rebukes slavery;
    – He heals a man at a pool, then leads the man to belief, then says ‘cease from sinning’;
    – He heals many others and says ‘go and sin no more’ to but a few;
    – He shares money with the poor but establishes no long-term aid;
    – He touches lepers; He converses with seeking Pharisees; He debates with other Pharisees; He lives with Samaritan outcasts for two days;
    – He acknowledges the five ‘marriages’ of the Samaritan woman as ‘marriages’… and then remarks about her current co-habitation… but then moves to higher priorities;
    – He seems so very focused on internal holiness and not on external holiness;
    – He violates the Sabbath; He says He is Lord of the Sabbath; He even says that the Sabbath was created to assist man, rather than man created to serve the Sabbath… thus turning the entire concept of the Law into one of assistance rather than being chained to obedience;
    – He insists on impartiality in the way we bless others, even if we call them ‘evil’ or ‘good’.

    Christ would be welcomed into the Citadel Church… but thrown out within a few Sabbaths, for He is unpredictable like the Wind and uncontrollably generous like God’s love;
    Christ would be welcomed into the Healing Church… but then rebuked for not healing everyone to the same level of ‘normallacy’ and for leaving far too many still co-habitating with their lovers;
    Yet in Him was no sin, and He lived out the fulfillment of the Law.
    I marvel at Him.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Adam Julians

    What we see in the cartoon is the guy talking about the “wrong” kind of people. It’s the “us” and “them” that is if you are in the club you are in i.e. if you think, behave, have the same worldview and have done what you have needed to be accpeted by the club you are in. Groucho Marx said once “I would never join a club that would have me as a member”. What I think he meant by that was that he wouldn’t put up a pertense in ortder to join a pretentious club.

    Whenever there is a comparison with others with thoe others being “them”, the eog gets invovled. There is great richness in diversisty. Sadly differences are often used as excuses for a dsliking or condemning of others where in principle we are all the same. We all need a place to sleep we all love our freinds and families etc. We all havve good and bad in us. Anyonoe that is looking down on someone else better watch out that they are not caught out be bringing judgement on themselves by diong so!

  • @ Adam

    I agree; but the “us” “them” mentality is so pervasive, it works its way into so many places without us realizing it. Do you think it’s possible for humanity to leave that mentality behind?