freebie friday print of Sophia “Angel”

sophia angel drawing by nakedpastor david hayward
Sophia “Angel” (by nakedpastor, David Hayward)

To enter the draw to win a fine art print of Sophia “Angel”, all you have to do is leave a comment here on this blog post. Even a simple “Hi!” would do. Or, tell us what this drawing means to you.

Have you sometimes noticed that other people believe in you more than you believe in yourself? That’s what has happened here to Sophia. After all the oppression she’s been through as a girl and a woman, after the years of extreme conditions of being emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically assaulted, her value has been revealed to her and she is overwhelmed.

The story of Sophia is for every woman and for every anima within every man that they are already perfect. Even the bible says we are a nearly angels! We can come out from under domination and live free and independently.

Comments close at midnight tonight Atlantic Time.

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  • Jason Lerato

    Love it man… Always have

  • allison whitman

    I look at this and see pain and sorrow, but hope

  • Heidi Durham

    Just beautiful.

  • revseanden

    I love your work. This is beautiful.

  • This is lovely.

  • Gary

    Perhaps she can see see the worth in people far better than those who have not endured her struggles.

  • Loretta

    I relate so much to this that it takes my breath away………..*sigh*

  • Sarah

    Don’t include me in the draw as I already have this print! But I love this picture, it totally expresses some previously indescribable feelings for me.

  • Patti

    I am in this place. I am still standing. Still hoping. learning not to be afraid. Still trying to risk vulnerability once again, to open my eyes to trust.
    I love this photo. I love it.

  • Mariah Turner

    I would love to have a copy of Sophia <3

  • Moriah

    I like what is being said with this print. I think that often poor Christian doctrine can put to much emphasis on the depravity of human kind. As a woman, I experienced that by picking up the message that I am always supposed to ‘guard myself’; it didn’t leave much room for freedom, or to explore the potential of who I am. I have flashes of moments like this, moments of realization, of what I truly am, and they are beautiful and terrifying. I am expectant now, of what I will see in myself as I discover who I am. All that to say, I really connect with this print and its message. Very important. Thanks for sharing the meaning behind it!

  • Sara M

    Love it!!

  • RenJB

    This is exactly what I am currently experiencing in many parts of my life…It is indeed overwhelming.

  • i LOVE this piece and what it represents… it so beautiful, and speaks so close to home <3

  • Tamara Keller

    I love this drawing! <3

  • Sophia plays a very complicated role in the life of Orthodox Christians

  • one of my favorites!

  • Jill Brasfield

    I LOVE your work!

  • Jeremy Spiers

    I like the drawing a lot. Is there some significance to the fact that you chose Sophia as her name? If so, I like it even more! After all, the Holy Spirit has been quite abused lately, as well.

  • Debbie Rice

    Grace realized.

  • Melanie King

    Beautiful. And hopeful!

  • Melinda

    This. This is beautiful, and … and yes.

  • MattVH


  • Carol

    And who we are is only the beginning of who we will become as we continue to question and grow.

    “Perfection” in the spiritual sense of many religious Traditions does not mean without flaws, it means that we are where we are meant to be in the present moment.

    As one wag put it: “I am perfect, but there is always room for improvement.”

    Life is so freaking paradoxical. No wonder it takes us so long to begin to “get it.”

  • Simply Hi! This drawing resonates with me. We all fail to see who God has made us to be, and when we do catch a glimpse it can be overwhelming.

  • I love it!!

  • Robin

    Very moving…beautiful! Love your work!

  • Looks pretty awesome. 🙂

  • mike h

    I see my daughter in this. Very nice.

  • Mikayla R

    I really love this one. I recently purchased a Sophia (Home) and love it. They all really speak to me. Keep up the beautiful work! 🙂

  • Powerful, one of your finest works.

  • Madlen

    There she is – beautiful Sophia 🙂

  • Becky Wiren

    Wonderful print, I would love to win!

  • LtMark

    She hides her face… but her wings look so powerful… some feathers are detached?

  • Krista

    Have always been moved by your Sophia prints. The explanation of this one is poignant. Like Debbie, I thought “grace”… but that the grace of being shown one’s own blessedness, one’s own beauty can be overwhelming and hard to face, especially when we’ve been taught otherwise, all in the name of the virtue of “humility.”

  • Tracy Williams

    I look at this and see undiscovered beauty and power.

  • carole

    This reminds me of a poem of the mystic Hafiz:
    There is a beautiful creature living in a hole you have dug.
    So at night I set fruit and grains and little pots of wine and milk beside your soft earthen mounds.
    And I often sing to you, but still, my dear, you do not come out.
    I have fallen in love with someone who is hiding inside of you.
    We should talk about this problem, otherwise I will never leave you alone.

  • stunning and powerful

  • She’s a crying, horrified angel – the world is lost below.

  • Diane

    I have been there…oh, how I have been there.

  • Devony Dawson

    I have a dear friend who is there right now…please enter me in the drawing for her.

  • My goodness … what an arresting, moving image. It speaks SO very loudly, in a touching, good way. Your commentary adds a lot to it, but even with just the image, so much is said. A beautiful, gifted creature overwhelmed with emotion. Superb image David.

  • Jim Marjoram

    Love this one! I printed it out as big as I could and have it on the wall, but a good print would be awesome!

  • Sue Bannister

    I love sophia.angel of wisdom?i work with women who are learning they are angels after years of belief otherwise.its beautiful.

  • Joyce Kuhlman

    This is absolutely stunning….

  • Gary

    So who won the print?

  • Thanks for reminding me Gary. Sorry!

    Tracy William! You won the print! Congratulations. I need you to email me your mailing address so I can send it to you. haywardart at gmail dot com

  • Joyce Kuhlman

    Where can I obtain this print?

  • Hi Joyce. You can get it here, and use the coupon code “PATTY”… 35% OFF for today only:

  • Joyce Kuhlman

    Where can I purchase this print? The draw is over…..