most popular LGBTQ cartoon “i think i’m gay”

i think i'm gay cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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This by far has been my most popular cartoon after the LGBTQ theme, and it may actually be my most popular cartoon ever.

For me, images have a powerful effect. For some people, including friends of mine, they just can’t imagine or picture some things in their minds. But if they see a picture, they can recognize it.

Same with this cartoon. Some people have written to me saying they had no mental image of Jesus loving a gay person. The darkness in their minds reflected itself into a feeling of condemnation. But when they saw the cartoon it was like a revelation to them. There’s Jesus loving a gay person and even holding his hand! They suddenly felt validated, accepted and loved.

Maybe sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words.

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  • Jesus ALWAYS loves the person…no matter what sin they have. The real problem is not sins…but sin.

    But He never validates our sins. he didn’t say to the woman caught in adultery…” I forgive you…now get back to what you were doing and have a ball.”

  • Carol

    Of course, Jesus cautioned the adulterous woman not to continue her adulterous behavior, the penalty was death by stoning and she might not be fortunate enough to have someone around with the courage to call out her accusers should she be found out again.

    Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, not do they let friends continue to choose self-destructive behavior without expressing concern. There is a world of difference between loving concern and self-righeous accusations. Most people intuitively sense whether we are speaking from love or judgmentalism.

    It is my belief that unless we feel genuine affection for the person, it is not the Spirit leading us to speak to someone who is “caught in *sin*.” As you point out, Jesus ALWAYS loves the person. Unfortunately, the same can not always be said for us.

  • Gary

    This follows your cartoon yesterday beautifully David. Jesus does not just tolerate…He accepts us where we are. Carol I like your comment about the woman caught in adultery. I agree…that without genuine affection we can be sure we are not lead by the Spirit.

    As for the woman taken in adultery. We all know this passage was not in John’s gospel in our earliest manuscripts which leaves the entire encounter suspect. I have never had a problem with the story of Jesus saving the woman…but that last comment of go and sin no more always struck me as odd…so out of character with Jesus previous statement…”Neither do I accuse you”. Interestingly enough I recall reading an analysis of this text which pointed out that in the earliest versions of it the “go and sin no more” statement was not present. It seems the comment may have been added by some early church leader who simply could no accept the demonstration of no strings attached grace. Certainly today those who continue to throw out that final comment as the big gotcha to the story seem to demonstrate that same difficulty with genuine grace.

  • Michael

    But… this is so much like Jesus’ teaching about the Good Samaritan.

  • Can I post this picture on facebook, and/or use it as an image in a blog I am writing? Powerful.

  • of course ray! share away!! 🙂

  • kim Baran

    David! This site is Sooo cool! Glad I found you…
    Carol took the words right out of my mouth.great post dear Carol.

  • thanks kim. welcome!

  • Gun Nordström

    Esther Hicks is a medium travelling all around holding seminars where people can ask questions about any problem they have. One gay person asked: I myself is happy as I have come out now. But I would like to know why there are so much of us nowadays. The answer he got from the Abraham-group was: When you still was on the other side before you were born, you decided to give yourself a very valueable gift for your life this time, that was to be different from others. You knew that such a difficult life would prompt you to search for who you really are and as you had to go deep inside in this searching you would at the same time find your soul.
    (Abraham-Hicks Youtube)

  • Gun Nordström

    Esther Hicks is a medium travelling all around holding seminars. People are allowed to ask question about their problems. One gay person asked: I myself am happy as I have come out now. But I am pondering why there are so much of us nowadays. He got the following answer from the Abraham-group:
    On the other side before you were born this time you decided to give to yourself a valueable gift – that was to be born different. In searching for who you really are you knew that you would have to go deep inside and that at the same time you would be able to find your soal.
    (Abraham-Hicks Youtube)

  • Gun Nordström

    Sorry, I did not find my first comment so I wrote a new one!

  • no problem.

  • Devon Brown