male dominated theology

male dominated theology cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I am a male. I am a feminist. I obviously perceive through my male perspective. But I am learning every day from women how to be a better feminist. Just yesterday a woman responded to my cartoon “the death of God”and its commentary, providing her perspective on how the theology I addressed could be used to demean women. I appreciated that.

The problem with so much theology is, like the idea of Divine Right of Kings, men think it is biblically originated and endorsed and needs to be protected.

I read yesterday that we men need to invite women to the table. I disagree because it is a man’s table. Throw out the table! Let’s build a new one together.

On The Lasting Supper, we have weekly Potluck Hangouts. Last Friday night, one of our members shared her story of how she left a very male-dominated church. This is important and powerful stuff!

The male domination of theology is so pervasive, so extensive, so embedded, that it needs to be re-crafted. And not by men.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Syl

    The cartoon caption sums up the patriarchal approach pretty well. “Me – God’s man. You – obey.” Brings God down to the level of the caveman who conceived of him in such a way.

  • In our church, women can do everything that a man can do. Women can be pastors, and president of the church council.

    In Christ, there is neither male nor female.

    A song from our album that never went anywhere without management behind us, however it seems to find a home here:):)

  • Pat Pope

    “I read yesterday that we men need to invite women to the table. I disagree because it is a man’s table. Throw out the table! Let’s build a new one together.”

    Yes, too often we invite “the other” to the table with the expectation that they will conform. We don’t really look to any fresh insight from them.

  • God invites ALL to His table. He has built it…with the bloody rough hewn wood of the Cross.

    All are equal. All are welcome. “He sets a table before Him in the sight of His enemies.”

  • Gary

    If all are equal and welcome…then how can there be enemies?

  • WE are the enemies (all of us) to God.

    But He loves us and forgives us, anyway.

  • I am not an enemy to God Adam. Fail!

  • shelly

    @TOA & Gary: Said table was built on a system of patriarchy. You (and many other men) don’t see it because of your male privilege.

  • Gun Nordström

    Gary, When you feel equal and say welcome, there are no enemies. Jesus knew that the consciousness within his murderers was the same as in him, but theirs were still in a sleeping state. “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

  • Carol Burney

    I agree. We need to build a new table. The problem begins not with patriarchy today, but in the beginning…in Genesis. Christians assume that the “we” who created everything are all male: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. All male. And yet they say “male and female created we them in our image and likeness”. We not only need to build a new table, but a new God. The rib of a man cannot be made into a woman. That’s a fact.
    The word God is masculine. How can males only create male and female in their likeness and image? This is the beginning of patriarchy, not some thought that just came along in the last decade or two.
    I have heard some people pray “Dear Mother-Father God”. That doesn’t do it either, as then you just have an androgynous male deity as the word God is still masculine.
    So women who believe that there’s an all male good-old-boy trinity are also misogynist, without even realizing it. They automatically, subconsciously, feel that they are the inferior simply because there was not female included in the lot of them.
    Why can’t we look at this very essential question when we are trying to find answers? This is one of the reason women who are truly spiritual are leaving the church in droves. They are tired of the patriarchal society of the church, but they still don’t address the fact that they still use a male term when addressing the deity in which they believe.
    I’ve had questions. I’ve sought answers. This is one of the questions I can’t answer because it is so ingrained (worked into the very fiber of our being) in all of us who have been sitting in a pew for all or most of our lives.

    “Divine Source of all” might be a better way to look at a creator. I know within my heart that there is something in the universe greater than I am. I don’t think that thing has a religion or a denomination. I don’t think it cares if we are Baptist or Buddhist. I know I’ll catch heck from those who disagree with that remark because they personally know all the answers and have the right sub-sect of the right sect of the right religion of the right God.

    But it is something to think about. It’s the beginning of women thinking they are worthy of just as much as a man and have not been made subject to or by any male deity. It is the beginning of men thinking that we are all children of the Source. It is the beginning of thinking for ones self and finding the kingdom of the Source within. We all have it. It would be my hope that we would all use it.