a girl, a calculator and life choices

life calculations cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Life Calculations” (click on image for my shop)

I’m so very proud of people who make this sometimes difficult decision in their favor. For the lucky some, they have been given an environment that supports them. For most, their environment is hostile toward change and independence. Everyone has a role to fill, and if you break that expectation you break relationship. For many that’s the deal.

I’m also very sensitive toward those who feel trapped, not only in their hostile environment, but also within their own fears to take the risk and escape to freedom. The calculations are serious. The decision is critical. The results can be cataclysmic. I love supporting people through this process if they want or need me to.

The fact that this girl, as young as she is, has bothered to calculate the cost is a sure sign that she’s going to decide in her favor.

She who would lose her life will save it. She instinctively knows this to be true.

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  • Pat68

    “She who would lose her life will save it.”

    Funny how some in the Church never think the scripture applies to THEM or the institutional church. Rather they think it’s always about those outside their circle, but I find scripture works best when it forces us to look within first even if that means dismantling our religious systems and practices.

  • Aviatrix

    As a wise man once asked, “what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?”

    That’s the math she’s facing – which variable is of greater value? Is it family, friends, status, acceptance, career – all the things that make up her world today and which she can expect will be there for her if only she stays within the lines – or is her personal integrity – intellectual, spiritual, psychological – of greater value? Once someone begins honestly doing the math, it can be a difficult equation to see through to the end.

  • Chester McMackin

    YUP !

  • Adam Julians

    Yes, and a choice faced by everyone whether it be a religious institution, work, family, a marriage, freinds etc where being true to self results in challenges, conflicts, even rejection for doing so.

    I like how you have portrayed her as being thoughful in weighing up the costs and benefits, not just reacting to situations or expecting things to always go the way she wants.

    Let’s not for get at the same time the courage it takes, and the reward for doing that by stepping out into the uncertantiy that comes with being true to sef. At the very least she will have failed, got things wrong, made mistakes while attempting something that takes great courage. At best she will be stepping out into some great freeing adventure, perhaps having opportunities to exercise her gifts and talents that may have been buried or unrealised to this point.

    Niether of these outcomes would have been expereinced if she took the easier way of doing what is more comfortable in the here and now. Lots of people chose this easier path and end up in an easy, comfortable hell.

  • klhayes

    I like this depiction…I want to leave my job and I have people wanting me to move to Job A or Job B and I want to scream….I DON’T WANT EITHER! But at the same time there is more pay and more challenge. I may have an opportunity with another job, now just playing the waiting game. None of them (the internal positions or the potential job) are part of my life path. I am pursuing my life path but until that pays all my bills, I have to be smart about my choices.

  • mhelbert

    With you on this! People counting on the paycheck. Earning that is killing me, though.

  • klhayes

    Thanks for understanding!