Cartoon Tribute to Dallas Willard

dallas willard dies cartoon tribute by nakedpastor david hayward
“Tribute to Dallas Willard”

Dallas Willard passed away with cancer today at the age of 77. I’ve always liked Willard. Especially his book, Divine Conspiracy. But when I was reading some biographical material on him today, I now like him a lot more.

Many of his peers were disturbed by his openness to ambiguity and he was often labeled a universalist and a man who slipped into open theology or process theology. It began as a child with his insatiable “why” questions and continued into his teens when he gave his teachers a hard time.

He left the ministry in the early 1960s to study philosophy. He said God told him, “If you stay in the churches, the university will be closed to you; but if you stay in the university, the churches will be open to you.” He studied philosophy because he believed that “Jesus and his teachings and the philosophers and their teaching were addressing the same questions.”

Ambiguity. Questions. Yes!

Here are some questions gathered for his funeral.

They will miss him. So will we.

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  • David Hayward

    yes. unfortunately.

  • Jeremy

    He was a very humble and generous man, and smart as a whip. I got to meet him a few times, take a class with him, and he kindly agreed to meet me and some friends for a BBQ together with his wife when he was up in Vancouver some years back. Thanks for the tribute David.

  • This article does not condemn homosexuals. That seems to be Randall’s inference. It is simply an example of Willard’s desire to be intellectually rigorous in all matters, and not to vacate morality simply because it is inconvenient or impolite. I love the argument he makes, even while I am a progressive Christian who accepts homosexuals as equals in the eyes of God.

  • David Hayward

    i agree totally nathan. but the implications…