a little bit of spiritual potty humor

a little bit of spiritual potty humor cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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Physically, we know the importance… actually, the necessity… of getting rid of waste… preferably on a daily basis.

The same is true emotionally, socially, psychologically, mentally, spiritually: I suggest it is just as important and even necessary to get rid of waste.

Anal retentiveness: trying to control the necessary and natural functions… holding it in… not letting stuff go.

It’s not good for you.

What isn’t doing you any good any more? What is no longer useful? What, if you keep it, will turn toxic and eventually make you sick and even die?

What needs to be flushed away?

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  • Shary Hauber

    Like LOL but very serious business.

  • klhayes

    Good analogy

  • mhelbert

    Excellent, David! I wish there were effective spiritual and emotional laxatives.

  • David, you are indeed a marvelous, gutsy graffitist! Well done.

    I have often described “taking a shit” as an example of a mini-death: a letting go of the old and embracing the new.

    Embracing mini-death can soften the fear of inevitable final death while making life itself more enjoyable.

    I did my mini-death post all in paragraphs, you did it in one simple picture. Nice! I have always loved your taboo scatological perspective [a term that should be a part of every good theology]. As I have said before, you may not realize this, but you would be consideredvery tantric in some Buddhist circles.

  • I’m familiar with tantric buddhism. thanks sabio!

  • thanks everyone.

  • Adam Julians

    Love it.

    For me there is always a battle and it’s the age old story of the flesh vs the Sprit. And whether to let down my personal armour and employ God’s armour.

    If I use my personal armour and let fear and any desire for retribution take over, I deny myelf of lettgin on love and being loving to others.

    Sometimes the letting in love and using Gods armour invovled me facing fear and pain, but the result is more peace, more love more real power more joy, contentedness, fulfillment. Keeping my heart guarded but open.

    And on that note – time to get rid of some more spiritual “poo”. 🙂

  • muchl8r

    Love this- I’m having one of those days. Emotional constipation might be killing me. But I’m sure relief is on the way 😉

  • Gary

    A couple of things I had to let go. Of course the “Word of God” (the book) had to be dropped from the divine. This change allowed me to finally evaluate the world around me with honesty. And the theological gymnastics of attempting to harmonize flatly contradictory passages was well beyond my abilities as a mental contortionist. Secondly of course the function of organized religion for me had to go. Just too much negative energy and hostility to have any value within my worldview based on love. But I am also working on dropping most of my church speak language from my vocabulary. It is amazing all the places that will creep in on you when you are not expecting it.