Jesus loves Cheerios hates racism

jesus' opinion on cheerios and racism cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
🙂 clicking on this image takes you to my online art gallery 🙂

I saw the news on this the other day. It’s been bugging me. I finally drew a cartoon.

The racial slurs Cheerios’ ad on Youtube involving an interracial family received were so cruel they finally shut down the comments section.


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  • Al Cruise

    The interesting part would be,if you could talk to each and everyone of the people who wrote a racist or negative comment, what would the common denominator be.My guess would be, that there would be some fundamentalist belief, at their core.

  • Judith_Priest

    Yep. Good Chrischuns all, I’m sure.

  • klhayes

    Thank you, Dave! That is beautiful.

    But remember, one of your favorite commenters says that racism does not exist in the U.S. 😛

  • Susan Gerard

    I really like the commercial. Saw it on youtube only after reading about the backlash in mainstream media. Didn’t read the comments; they only make me sad for our future.

  • Adam Julians

    I like the comment on this vidoe

    He talks about while you are spouting hate with strangers there are mean and women, people loving each other – “how does that make you feel”.

    You know I grew up in a part of the world where it was rare so see anyone other than white folks. I remeber seeing I think it was a Starskey and Hutch programme in the 70’s where there was racism. I thought the white people treating the black people badly were doing it because they were jealous of thier colour. I remeber people in the summer being proud of thier sun tan.

    Here in Scotland there are sun tanning salons. In Thiland there are skin whitening salons. It’s like humans want what they don’t have and have an inclination to hostility to people that ae different.

    I felll sad. Why can’t we just love each other? The world is still a beautiful place and everybody has something to offer each other in that beauty.