paint brushes, an artist and predestination

predestination and artists brushes cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
Did you know you can order my art just by clicking on this image?

Are you an artist? You didn’t realize you had so much power, did you?

You can choose a brush to serve you.

You can leave a brush consigned to neglect for the rest of its days.

Actually, Barth’s understanding of predestination helps me. Calvin still located it in the individual. Barth felt he didn’t carry his Christocentricity far enough. For Barth, Christ is both the abandoned one and the loved one, the condemned and elected one, the rejected and the chosen one.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • So, is the unsaved one also the saved one 🙂

  • Gun Nordström

    “We are one Conciousness, God (our Source), all those in the spiritual realms, and all those in physical form throughout all physical universes. Love and all Its many aspects are conscious energy waves in infinite abundance flowing freely throughout creation, and anything not in alignment with Love is completely illusory. God is Love and He could not and would not wish to create anything that was not in perfect harmony with Himself. In Reality, in the divine Presence there is brilliant, awe-inspiring Light, in which there is total clarity, total understanding, total wisdom, and unconditional loving acceptance of all of God’s creations. What you experience whitin the illusion – fear, anger, anxiety, suffering, in fact general alarm, pain and confusion – is UNREAL! You built and maintained the illusion to experience lack of Love, and it seems that you succeeded! But that is because you focus your attention on it to maintain and support it, and you are afraid to let it go.”

    The above text is the beginning of the latest text channelled through John Smallman by our loving brother Jesus. If you are interested to read (or listen) to more of it go to

  • Jerry Lynch

    Yes and no, gun. It is and isn’t as John describes. I may be blocked or unconscious or dumb, but in my six decades I have not experienced the notion that what is “…not in alignment with Love is completely illusory.” Poppycock, though I am going on low information. In my weak eyes, the components of truth, such as suffering, harm, and worry, are not illusionary but the solid ground to love. If good and evil are not real for a season, we have no way to get to that field beyond good and evil. Once there, yes, it will appear illusionary and we will wonder what the fuss was, but maintaining the belief it is illusionary seems an inhibitor to realization,

  • Gun Nordström

    I have experienced that if I am for instance worrieng, I have indeed gone away from Love and Trust in the NOW and have began to make my “own thoughts” about something going wrong or that a bad result will be the outcome of some of my decisions etc. All such thoughts are illusionary, taking me out of the NOW and making me the source of my own suffering. The truth is, that I know nothing of what my illusionary (negative) thoughts are suggesting.

    Jesus pointed out that we should be as full of trust as children or like the flowers and birds. By observing how we are using our minds in such illusionary ways we are able to stop such a habbit.

  • Nick Gotts

    What ludicrous and offensive drivel. This is a world in which people starve, in which people are tortured and raped for years on end, in which quadrillions of sentient beings have suffered excruciating agony over several hundred million years.

  • Gary

    “The above text is the beginning of the latest text channelled through John Smallman by our loving brother Jesus.”

    Excuse me? Do I understand you to say you are claiming divine authority on the this man’s words based on some hysterical notion of him being a “channel” through which Jesus speaks?

    Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke!

  • Nick Gotts

    Seems we’re agreed in our general assessment of Gun Nordström’s claims – but do I detect a hint of “smug intellectual condescension”?

  • Gary

    Hmm…seems I have a playground taunter now.