from the cross to the throne

from cross to throne cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

I’m amazed at how many prominent pastors and spiritual leaders are obviously living in comfort… no problem with that… but without actually providing the help people need these days to grow and progress spiritually.

The church is in trouble as it loses more and more people by the ton. I speak with more people now than ever who not only have left the church but people who have never been. They all feel the church does not provide what they need to grow. They almost always feel constricted intellectually, emotionally and therefore spiritually. Instead, they are finding their own food where they can… bookstores, online, visiting speakers to their area, etcetera. Many are finding online communities that are meeting their needs.

This is the risk pastors must take: either provide popular stuff you think will keep the people but actually doesn’t feed them nutritional food which they eventually will realize and then they’ll leave, or provide real food, allow for real questions and searching and exploration and deconstruction and whatever else it takes to give people what they need to progress.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Chester McMackin

    RIGHT ON !!

  • Dennis Irwin

    “…… or provide real food, allow for real questions and searching and exploration and deconstruction and whatever else it takes to give people what they need to progress.”

    I’ve never belonged to a church where this was a problem. Well, when I was a kid I was brought up Catholic. But as an adult….never. I’m wondering if the reason we see things so different Dave has to do with were we live. I’m from New England (and visit quite often) but now live in Florida…….the bible belt. The spiritual differences and styles between these two areas is striking. I don’t know too much about the area in Canada you live in, but I do know that academia is god in New England. I think supposed smart people are like rich people……it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of needle than for them to enter the kingdom of God (Mat 19:24). They are so impressed with their supposed intelligence that there’s no need for God. Hence….a very empty spiritual environment.

  • klhayes

    I can think of so many, Dave…Joel Osteen, The whole TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) crew, Brian Fischer, Huge gazillionaire ministries and other with megachurches. You are right, more and more people are leaving the church. I had hope for the new Pope with his emphasis on helping the poor (the importance of social justice is one of best things the Catholic Church gave to me even if I don’t agree with most of their stands:) ) but I don’t much will change their stories of embezzlement, telling the Nuns on the Bus to settle down and the history of hiding and transferring pedos from church to church doesn’t help them either.

    The problem is that ultraconservatives and fundamentalists don’t think you can challenge “what God has built” and that allows them to justify greed and lets corruption run amok. Even if God built it, humans are running it.

  • Al Cruise

    I live in western Canada, and the influence of the neo-Calvanist reformed movement ie;[ Driscoll, Piper] from the United States is really taking hold here. Its a religion,were men are men, and women are put in their place by men. The pastor sits on the throne and is untouchable. I would also say that he is considered by his congregation as more infallible than Catholics consider their Pope. This movement is growing fast and will absolutely dominate both are countries in the coming years.