where are we going to find God?

where are we going to find god cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

My cartoons are often satirical. That is, they illustrate a popular idea in such a way that we may laugh at it.

So this cartoon is an attempt in that direction. For example, there is no god looking like my father sitting on a throne in heaven. And if there was he wouldn’t be struggling to decide which religion to give himself to. Also, the cartoon says that there is a division between religions and that such a god can only be devoted to one of them. It also implies that such a god can only be in one place at one time.

In other words, it suggests that only one religion can be right.

And that’s just funny.



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  • Carol

    More like a tragicomedy than just funny, IMO.
    Oh, well, we are finite creatures with infinite individualistic aspirations. I suppose it’s a miracle that we aren’t more confused than we are.

  • klhayes

    It’s amazing how we put our limitations on God, yet believe he/she/it is omnipotent and omnipresent and the Creator of all.

  • Georg Warnecke

    according to comparative religion and religious studies the cartoon just doesn’t make sense…
    the only way it would make sense would be if you’d see it like paul tillich…

  • If you think of the Milky Way galaxy, then the local cluster of galaxies, then all the galaxies in the known universe, then he possibility of universes beyond what we can observe or even theorize about, it makes it even more funny that a God directing His attention towards one planet out of billions would wonder which monotheistic religious tradition invented by one particular species on this particular planet He should pay attention to.

  • wallpaper

    sexy wallpaper — > http://wallpaper002.blogspot.com/

  • tom sellier

    David, why do you keep insisting on calling Jesus a liar?

  • RenĂ©

    I think we as humanity can’t be more confused atm, to be honest xD

  • Gary

    tom, why do you keep insisting on being one of the most offensive and mean spirited individual to ever visit David’s blog?

  • Tom, there are possibilities other than Lunatic, Liar, or Lord. I view some of David’s work as merely exploring some of these other possibilities. Also, the things we know about Jesus exclusively come from what others have written about him and church traditions crafted over two thousand years. To criticize some of these church traditions is not the same thing as criticizing Jesus himself.

  • Brigitte Mueller

    This is how I would put it. God is certainly everywhere. When Paul comes to Athens, he says: “I see you are very religious.” Indeed, people everywhere have been very “religious” in a variety of ways. Some strike us more healthy and just and others not so much. God was in Rome and in Athens before any Jews or St. Paul got there. Luther says that the famous poets and speakers, Cicero and so on had very much light, except they did not know the Gospel.

    Now, sticking with monotheism, we know we have to start with Judaism; there we have the expectation of the Messiah, and Christians say he has already come. Look and see. He was quite a surprise. Not the military ruler that some expected, and that Reza Aslan now says he aspired to be (we don’t agree with Reza Aslan). — And many Jewish people in history have believed. This is partly why the small number of Jews remaining in the world is a great difficulty for the population. Not only has the population suffered unjustly in pogroms of various kinds, and the holocaust, but also many have become Christians over the many years. Therefore, there are not so many Jews in the world, now, at all, only several million. So Christianity is the fulfillment and the modern version. Certainly, at least we have to admit that it is numerically much stronger. — We can now also get rid of all the old laws and the slaughtering of lambs and such, which is much more practical for bigger and modern populations, and Jesus is the lamb. We deal with that in the Eucharist, very simply.

    Islam came along later, and it seems that Mohammed liked what he saw in Judeo-Christianity and was repelled by paganism. We are mostly with him there. But he had so many ideas of his own, and got caught up in defending himself militarily against those whom he opposed, which seems to have impacted the whole religion and teaching. And we really should compare the founders and the teachings to see which is more inspired, more suited to modern life and more community building. Most Muslims seek to live pious and righteous lives and I have overheard them talk on the train and it sounded like they took sin and forgiveness very seriously, which I admired hearing. And still, Islam is not very well adapted to modern life and to pluralism nor democracy. And I think we are better off following Jesus whose kingdom is not of this world, than Mohammed, whose kingdom is of this world (contra Reza Aslan, again.) So, no doubt, God is also found among Muslims, as he is found everywhere, and the people are also very religious, as Paul would say, but the central question always is, did he reveal himself in the person of Christ and what does that mean for us.

  • Brandi Eissinger

    We do so love to shove God in a box and look at Him with our biased, limited sight.

  • That’s what I am constantly wondering… It was be so easier if everbody could be see God.
    This an everlasting question, I guess.

    Lovely greetings from Germany
    Liebe GrĂ¼ĂŸe aus Deutschland

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

  • mmmmikkimac

    I always thought the “Big Guy” could go everywhere at once!

  • tom sellier

    Jeff, inspite of the halo you have it so wrong. David’s picture has a silly picture of God wondering which one of 3 religions He is going to. David never defends Christianity but seems to relish slandering it. That is not productive and enables those who hate Jesus and Christians. What other response does ‘he’ expect?

  • tom sellier

    Gary, a better question would be, “Will I ever care what you say?”
    May I answer that for you?
    But just to show you I’m not as mean as you say, if you or David can’t stand the heat maybe you should get out of the kitchen.

  • I speak only for myself but the halo in my image symbolizes that I will not be needing saving for either original sin or incorrect beliefs during my lifetime. The Jesus resemblance symbolizes that I, like Jesus, question the religious doctrine of my time.

    My concept of God (and I believe it to only be a concept) is that God is so much bigger than anything mankind has written about and certainly bigger than anything written about in either the new or old testaments.

    To make an analogy to mathematical numbers, I view the depiction of God in the bible (with all the “you should do this and you should not do that”) as a very large number (perhaps thousands of digits long) with a rich texture and lots to discover about this particular large number. For example, this very large number may be evenly divisible by a large collection of other numbers. There may be interesting patters of digits when the number is represented in a particular base. I view this as analogous to what religion does.

    My God concept, though, is to view God as infinity. Who is to say whether infinity can be evenly divided by any particular number or whether there are any interesting patterns of digits in infinity. These are things that don’t really apply to infinity.

    View our criticism of Christianity as a mathematician criticizing people claiming that infinity can be evenly divided by certain special numbers or there are certain interesting patterns of digits.

  • Gary

    “But just to show you I’m not as mean as you say…”


  • Gary

    Love the analogy Jeff!!

  • Um, excuse me tom, but you’re in MY kitchen???!!!!

  • tom sellier

    Jeff, you are incapable of defining God in any way but from a place of ignorance. You have every right to display your ignorance but I sure hope you don’t teach that silliness to children. If you do it would be better for you to put a millstone around your neck and cast yourself into the sea. Perhaps on your way to the bottom you would come to your senses and call out to Jesus and He would save you.

  • tom sellier

    Well, you seem to only want all to tell you what a wonderful genius you are. If you can’t stand the criticism say so. I’ll leave you to your darkness. But please do not presume to think you speak for the Church, God, Jesus or especially the Holy Spirit. David you have backslidden to a terrible place. But the God you mock will still forgive you. But if you continue to blaspheme the Holy Spirit that can never be forgiven.

  • Tom: You are coming across as a definite troll. One more comment like that and I will block you. I promise. So if you want to continue reading nakedpastor, stop this. Thanks.