Gays and Biblical Inspiration

Gays and Biblical Inspiration October 30, 2013
gays and biblical inspiration cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Gays and Biblical Inspiration” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

Does David Hayward believe in biblical inspiration? Does he believe the bible? Does he even believe in the trinity? Does he believe in God? Does he believe being gay’s okay?

This doesn’t matter to the argument of this cartoon. I feel this is one of my cutest and one of my most poignant and maybe, hopefully, powerful. I love getting inside ideas and challenging them on their own terms.

Do you want to hang out with wise and loving people where it’s safe to come out and just be you?

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Thirza Angenent

    love it. gonna share it.

  • cassandratoday

    It’s totes adorbs, as people one-third my age would say 😉

    Love the depiction of the Spirit… when I tell a friend that I’m praying for them in a difficult time, I often express it as something like “praying that you feel the Spirit’s presence, like an old, comfy blanket around your shoulders.” Apparently you and I tap into the same well of visualization. I couldn’t be in better company.

  • klhayes

    That’s really touching. This reminds me of a recent incident where “Christians” were out dining and left a “tip” for the server who was gay about how they could not give him money b/c they would be condoning his lifestyle. To me the behavior of the diners is so Un-Christian.

  • Love trumps all! Regardless what ones beliefs are regarding homosexuality Love is the only thing that will win the hearts of any of our neighbors. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked fundamentalists “Who are you for besides yourselves.”

  • JosephBrown660

    This portrayal is both incorrect and blasphemous. God does love gays but they must acknowledge their sinfulness and repent of their abominable acts in order to be cleansed by the Blood of Christ.

  • Mark

    That is one opinion.

  • Shary Hauber

    And what sins did you have to acknowledge and repent of when you were cleansed by the Blood of Christ. Care to make that public so we can all know what kind of sinner you were. We can then refer to you as the former X sinner.

  • Shary Hauber

    It is one of your best.

  • It is certainly a puzzling question to know what inspiration means.

    Does that mean that God magically modified the brain chemistry of the authors?

    I rather believe in a two step process:

    1) a person has a religious experience which might or might not be genuine
    2) they write it down in the same way they report of more mundane events, that is while being hugely shaped by their culture and the current Zeitgeist.

    I will develop this idea in future posts. Actually Paul (or Luke) believed that a Pagan author got God right for important questions, even if he wrote about Zeus.

  • Yep, this fag-bashing makes me really sick. I think we have strong theological grounds for supporting tolerance towards homosexuals:

    I am also disgusted by the fact that the same conservative Christians who focus so much energy on queer rights are the ones who constantly
    oppose the efforts to give to poor children the same healthcare as to rich ones.

    They completely miss the main message of Jesus and are a shame for the whole Christendom.

  • Gary

    Nah…you are just bigoted.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    We love you, but you have to start making sense.

  • diane

    We are ALL sinners and are blessed by the salvific act of God through his Son’s suffering, death and resurrection.

    “He [or she] that is without sin among you, let him [or her] first cast a stone.”
    John 8:7
    Look in the mirror before you pass judgment on others.

  • Barbara

    Love this, David – both the cartoon AND the message. Such a valuable message!

  • Lindsay

    I love this, David! I have never understood the qualifications that Christians throw on the word “all.” All means all, right? Anyway, good job. Keep it up.

  • klhayes

    Amen Lothar!

  • Kirby Collins

    Sin is sin and being gay is no different than hating someone because they aren’t what you think they should be like. We all struggle with something in our lives and if you don’t think you do then you are wrong. I am glad God loves everyone where ever they are in there life and my bible says “for God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Once we accept that God will help deal with the rest in our lives and help us overcome all sin… but in His time not ours.

  • >>Love is the only thing that will win the hearts of any of our neighbors.<<

    Well said.

  • mrichardson84

    You are a living blasphemy, bigot.

  • Gary

    I reject the notion that homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle to begin with. Actually hating someone for not being what one thinks they should be is MUCH worse than being born with same sex attraction.

  • AustinHall

    Homosexuality is a sin. There is no getting around that. Of course God loves everyone; and that’s why he gives EVERYONE an opprotunity to repent of their sin. All sin is the same. All sin is damning, unless we repent and turn to Jesus. Yes Love trumps all, and the most loving thing we can do is show people what sin is(like Homosexuality) and direct them to the God who bled for them. Blessings to you all in Christ Jesus!:)