Bob Jones University, Fundamentalists and Dinosaurs

fundamentalist dinosaurs cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Fundamentalist Dinosaurs” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

Bob Jones University is in the news concerning its poor handling of sexual assault as well as its week-long chapel sermons on homosexuality.

Bob Jones University is the fortress of fundamentalism and the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches, a church organization 8 million members strong.

Here’s some of what they believe:

  1. Men are the head of the home and church.
  2. Women are to submit to their husbands and have children.
  3. All abortions without exception are murder.
  4. Homosexuals are perverts who disobey God.

There’s more. I hope these ideas will become extinct. I would love to see them disappear from the face of the earth in my lifetime.

Like dinosaurs.

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(Update: I made a correction. BJU used to have racist policies but in 2008 changed them. However, racism is still prevalent in the IFB.)

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  • Chester McMackin

    Narrow minded,hypocritical bigots, brain-washed puppets, and
    anti-christian principled people.
    Did I miss something /

  • Doug

    It’s hard to believe that there are Christian colleges that are actually MORE fundamentalist than Bob Jones, but such creatures do exist. (Unfortunately.)

  • Marsha

    They are literally missing the boat on some things. Some things I agree with, not all.

  • (Advance warning: this is not meant to be taken seriously)

    Dear Naked,

    I must object to your insulting cartoon depicting BJU. You have portrayed them as cute dinosaurs. But are you secretly trying to promote the ungodly, atheistic theory of evolution? There are no humans among the dinosaurs!
    The stalwart community of BJU does not deserve to be shown as supporting evolution, so please correct your cartoon by placing some ancient humans among the big lizards.

  • Mark

    OK, now I’m curious.

  • Mark

    Narrow minded, certainly. But, if you REALLY believe the scriptures are the literal words of God (and maybe that’s where the brain-washing comes in), it isn’t necessarily hypocrisy or bigotry. And you can’t convince ’em that plain old men wrote what seemed right to them at the time. There are folks out there that truly believe we should stone to death all adulterers, gays, and children who are disrespectful to their parents (not sure what the age of accountability is on that one). They really believe we are “reaping what we sow” as a country, and deserve the droughts, tornadoes, and hurricanes that “God punishes us with.” Fortunately, they do seem to be dinosaurs who will someday, though not in my lifetime, become practically extinct.

  • They may diminish in numbers, but I am not optimistic that they will ever become extinct.

  • Al Cruise

    They taught that people with dark skin had the mark of “Cain” right up until the late 1980’s. The real question is, what is the original source of this kind of thinking? I would argue it’s coming from a place that is evil. Did they stop teaching it because they believed they were in error, or because the public black lash would be more than they wanted to deal with. Even today, peel away the layers of veneer and get to the heart of some things that are being taught in churches, and the source is not Christ.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    On top of that, to compare BJU to dinosaurs is an insult to dinosaurs πŸ˜›

  • Chester McMackin

    We are not too far apart in our descriptions of the subject people, MARK. I apreciate the manner in which you have expressed your opinion, which is in debatable form rather than the severe criticism/arguments that DAVID receives from time to time, on the variety of matters he presents.

  • queenknitter

    Oh, much later than that. Check out this interview with solely-BJU-trained religion faculty member, Charles Smith, from 1986:

    And Part 2:

  • Al Cruise

    Thank’s I changed the date.

  • Sandra

    when I first started reading up on how extreme Christian fundamentalism has become in the last 30 yrs (since I left Evangelicalism), I was stunned to find that there is a whole movement afoot to keep children, especially girls, from attending college–yes, even BJU–for fear of them being “indoctrinated” with “liberal ideas”. I couldn’t even imagine a position for which BJU would be too far left! Sadly, I am now more acquainted with such extremism.

  • Yes, BJU no longer has an official racist policy. However, if anyone thinks BJU is not still racist (and homophobic) they are delusional.

    Years ago…vice president for Huntington Bank is sitting at the dinner table at my fundamentalist inlaw’s house. My wife and I are there for dinner. At the time, I was an IFB pastor. The vice president starts talking about why he sent his kids to Bob Jones. Number one reason ? No blacks. He didn’t want them anywhere near those kind of people. I told him he was a racist. Everyone was shocked I said this. I guess they assumed every IFB preacher was a racist. πŸ™‚ like the dinosaur, there are a few IFB pastors who aren’t racist.

    Years ago…everything is years ago now. πŸ™‚ I am street preaching in Washington DC. I am there for a street preacher convention. I am working with a man from another church, a man I did not know. We came upon some African-American people and I said let’s witness to them. The man said, no need. Black people don’t have a soul. I kid you not.

    Years ago…when I was in college, I worked in the bus ministry in Pontiac, Michigan. We bussed kids in from Detroit in the afternoon. This was called B Sunday School. 99% of the kids were African-American. I understood the B actually meant Black. A new bus pastor comes in. He was from the south. He immediately stops running busses to Detroit. He and I got into an argument and I told him I saw through his decision. I told him he was a racist. Oh, he was offended but offered no contrary explanation for stopping Black Sunday School. My only surprise is that I didn’t get expelled.

    I was taught as a kid that the mark God put on Cain was that he made him black. The IFB church movement has a significant racist thread that runs through its churches.

  • queenknitter

    I have a student who attended from 1998-2002 who remembers hearing the same thing in his religion classes. That video above it just a dramatic piece of evidence.

    It’s not gone. They still say it.

  • Al Cruise

    That’s what I was afraid of
    but didn’t have the proof. Thanks.

  • yep

  • sarahoverthemoon

    My Christian high school/church had several teachers from BJU, and we learned similar things about race. Even if these aren’t their official policies anymore, they’ve sent many many people out into the world who believe what they were taught at BJU and are teaching it to others. So shitty.

  • Yep. I know this is true.

  • queenknitter

    Definitely they are. I am currently researching the KKK monies used to start Bob Jones College in 1927. Just my saying that publicly will illicit many responses from my neighbors here in Greenville, South Carolina, but it’s the truth. Bob Jones Sr. was a Klan evangelist — a hired gun to preach a violent hate against the non-Nordics.

  • queenknitter

    Check out the featured 1948 photo on my blog. That’s a Bob Jones University “preacher boy” “ministering” to locals in Greenville county.

  • Al Cruise


  • klhayes

    Bhahahahahahahaha! Hilarious cartoon

  • JT

    just so you know there is a difference between Evangelicalism and fundamentalism’

  • Sandra

    Before about 1980, there was no difference. We proudly used the words interchangeably.

    Now, as I talk to people who claim to be one or the other, I only see cosmetic differences. Theologically, if you scratch an Evangelical you get a fundamentalist. I have yet to meet (IRL or online someone who is adamantly Evangelical, not progressive or post or some other prefix before the word) who isn’t at least fundy-lite.

    Granted, I haven’t met every Evangelical in America so there could be some outliers.

  • You are quite right. Evangelicals are inherently fundamentalist. Theologically, there is little difference between Fred Phelps, John MacArthur, Al Mohler, and Billy Graham. Evangelical theology, due to its commitment to the inerrancy of the Bible, is fundamentalist.

    The difference within Evangelicalism has to do with what I call social fundamentalism. There is extreme legalism on the far end of Evangelicalism. (IFB church movement, for example) Some Evangelicals say, I am NOT like them…but theologically they are. And, if you press them…they are often quite fundamentalist socially.

    What confuses things is that Evangelicalism has a liberal wing of people who refuse to admit they are no longer Evangelicals. When the emergent church got its first wind I said that they were tomorrow’s liberals. This is becoming clear now as you see emergent pastors and writers embracing doctrines and practices that put them clearly outside the Evangelical spectrum. They need to get it over with and leave. πŸ™‚ The liberal/progressive churches could use their help. πŸ™‚

  • Sandra

    Or even Fred Phelps, Al Mohler, and Joel Osteen and Beth Moore.

  • Yep, we could play that game for a long, long time. πŸ™‚ I subscribe to the walk, talk, act like a duck theory. If a person walks, talks, and acts like a fundamentalist, they are a fundamentalist. Deny it all they will…they are a fundamentalist.