Jesus versus Joy

jesus didn't come to make you sad cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


Martin Luther said that joy is a serious matter. But he didn’t mean miserable. Grumpy. Sad. He meant we should take joy seriously. The heart of the Christmas message was joy for all the people.

Barth insisted that if theologians aren’t doing their work with joy, then they should quit.

Joy to the world! Why so serious? I know there are terrible things being said and done, but there are ways to challenge and even change these things with the foundation of the work being joy rather than sadness. It has something to do with trust. Hope maybe.

So for 2014, I intend to continue enjoying myself as I engage in the lively theological discussions we’re having around the globe.


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  • HeidiTurner

    I think they think they can only be happy after the rapture… growing up with that theology it almost seemed sinful to be happy or content with how the world was – it was NEVER going to get better (that was amillennialism) One of my professors at Bible college actually told us that Joy to the World was an amillennial Christmas carol – not for us… gruff, gruff, gruff… SO HAPPY TO BE FREE!

  • Mark

    Joy to the world, indeed! I hope so. Thanks, David.

  • Not sure how I missed this one, but I found it today. And OMG I love this pic! I really have no words. I just love it! It warms my heart.

    My hopes for 2014 include more social networking (I <3 Google+) and more publication!