Did Jesus have any idea what we’d turn him into?

jesus industry cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Mary heard Jesus crying and went in to his bedroom to comfort him. He often had nightmares predicting what those around him would turn him into.

Actually, every single one of us eventually has to resist the pressure to conform to the expectations of others. We also have to accept that people will think of us differently than we actually are.

But once you know that you are poised to mature.

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  • Pat68

    I believe He knew because even in His day people were trying to pervert the gospel. I think it’s human nature. I don’t think many start with the idea of perversion, but rather believe they are doing good and making something good even better. We all have to fight against that tendency.

  • It’s hard not to bend to other people’s expectations of you.

  • It also might be that the gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke, & John) started out with lots of supernatural aspects that didn’t really happen in real life.

  • klhayes

    Christianity, Inc.

  • This isn’t true poetry, and God knows if I’m writing honest to God poetry now 20 years later, but this does seem to be the appropriate place to put it. Feel free to use it as you will, but being still Donny and not yet God or enlightened or anything transcendental I’d ask you to put my name to it.

    Who’s Jesus Anyway?

    Would Jesus wear a suit and tie
    And cut his hair and refuse to cry?
    Would he wear white and never smell,
    Or would he sometimes look like hell?
    Would he spend his day upon a job
    Or earn his way in walks with God?
    Would he own a house and pay the bills
    Or let tomorrow bring what will?
    Would he be like your parents
    Or totally different than what’s apparent?

    Would he be like your preacher
    And make you sit just like your teacher?
    Would he say that kids are wild,
    Or would he always pet a child?
    Would he date the girl next door,
    Or would he go and save a whore?
    Would he never talk to strangers,
    Or would he even befriend danger?
    Would he be seen with just the good,
    Or would he hang with any hood?

    Would he be ashamed to piss
    And never let you hear his hiss?
    Would he be what you call straight,
    Or would he sometimes drink till late?
    Would everyone admire his name
    Or kill him as a man insane?
    Would he be conservative,
    Or would he give his life to live?

    Would he say no when asked for help
    And make you do it by yourself?
    If he’s hurt would he forgive
    Or send you to a jail to live?
    If asked for bread would he give a look
    That makes you feel just like a crook?
    What would Jesus face today
    If with you he came to play?

    Just who are you following anyway?