important announcement: nakedpastor is moving!

nakedpastor moving announcement by nakedpastor david hayward

I’ve been with Patheos for exactly one year. It’s been a great ride. But for important reasons, mainly to do with the independence of the nakedpastor brand and its need to stand on its own, it is time for me to leave Patheos and return to my own url.

My relationship with Patheos has been a good one. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with fantastic people. I’ve made new friends.

Again, I want to thank Patheos. You’re great!!

My last day to post on Patheos is this coming Friday. It will take a day or two to migrate everything over. But hopefully starting on Saturday, March 1, you will find me at

Thanks to my fans and to Patheos!

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David Hayward runs the blog nakedpastor as a graffiti artist on the walls of religion where he critiques religion… specifically Christianity and the church. He also runs the online community The Lasting Supper where people can help themselves discover, explore and live in spiritual freedom.