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the z-theory and Santa Claus

(*** spoiler alert…) I think I can safely assume that as children we all believed in a Santa Claus who lived at the North Pole and delivered gifts to good people on Christmas Day faithfully every year. And then we got the news that Santa Claus isn't a real person. That fairy tale no longer served. We had to learn that it represented the "spirit of Christmas", and that anyone who gave was, in a sense, Santa Claus.At one point we believed that God is an all-powerful being who sits in Heaven on … [Read more...]

the z-theory in a simple diagram and explanation

I posted this for my other site, the online community The Lasting Supper, but I thought I would share it with you as well.Hopefully this will help some of you understand the z-theory better. It is based on a waterfall dream I had a few years ago that left me the impression it graphically depicted the structure of reality. I suggest this diagram can be used by all religions and world-views.So as I try to explain to my Christian friends, this is why I rarely, if ever, use the word "God", … [Read more...]

the z-theory in one page

In 2009 I had a dream that relieved my theological anxiety and brought peace:"There is a huge waterfall. Oceans of water pour over the rim of the cliff. The water tumbles down and explodes at the bottom. The deluge spreads over the land covering and consuming everything."“There is a huge waterfall. Oceans of water pour over the rim of the cliff.”We can’t see above the rim, but we can guess that it is an infinite source. There is no proof. Only evidence. We can’t even say it exists. We just … [Read more...]

z-theory #22: categories

I want to further develop the z-theory (<-- click there to read about it).I remind you of the waterfalls dream that initiated this whole process for me. The top of the falls is beyond our vision. It is the Mystery, the Wholly Other. Then there is the actual falls. This is the incarnation, condescension and manifestation of the Other. Then there is the flood plain, the ramification, the effect, the universal appropriation of the Other.Here are a few developments in describing the … [Read more...]

z-theory, spirit & unity

I've had several requests for me to write a book on my z-theory (click on "z-theory" and it will take you to most of my posts on the idea).I'm spending a great deal of time thinking about it and cautiously beginning to put stuff down. I am hoping it might be an important contribution to the theological discussion taking place these days. I believe it will provide a paradigm, a matrix, through which we may understand our reality and make sense of our spirituality, theology and religion within … [Read more...]

Z-theory #21: church

I've been thinking a lot lately about church.And I've been thinking a lot about the Z-theory. Someone just reminded me of it again this morning.The two are related. (I remind you that the Z-theory is based on a dream I had of a waterfall.) The top is the Ultimate Source. The falls is the Incarnating act of that Source. Finally, the flood plain is the Experiential Manifestation of the Ultimate Source, because of the Incarnate Act, into our every day life.Let me quote from something I … [Read more...]

Z-Theory #20: Apostles’ Creed

I want to take a moment to examine the Z-theory's relationship to the Apostles' Creed. Of course this is not comprehensive. This is a verbal sketch.We can see along the top: I believe in God. It expands upon what this means: the Father (compassion, love, concern, care); Almighty (the Ultimate, all-powerful, over all, in all, through all things, the Supreme); creator of heaven and earth (the source, the infinite unfathomable ground zero).We see the downward section: I believe in Jesus Christ. … [Read more...]

z-theory #19: otherness

This is installment 19 of the z-theory. If you want to read more, just type "z theory" in the search box at the top of this nakedpastor site and it will give you all the previous entries.Again, I am only thinking out loud, exploring and trying my poor best to articulate my tentative discoveries. If you disagree or take offense, then simply ignore what I write. I do not claim this to be truth. However, I do claim that it has helped me understand what think is true, provided a more thorough and … [Read more...]

Z-Theory #18:

The Z-Theory continues to provide some insights. To catch up on the Z-Theory, just type it into the search box on nakedpastor and you should get all of the posts… all 17 of them! Again, I am only offering this to the discussion. I am in process with this. But I want to share this with you as it develops in my mind. So, this is what I'm gleaning from it these days:There is a Trinitarian structure to reality. The dream that initiated all this goes as follows: First, there is the source above the … [Read more...]

Wine & Cheese and Z-theory

This is a picture of the wine and cheese party that John and Judith Brennan held at their house last night. We took a while just getting to know each other. Then suddenly the conversation around nakedpastor, community and the z-theory started. What a lively discussion! I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with these people who aren't afraid to think outside the prescribed box. I was a little anxious about talking about the z-theory because I'd only written about it so far. But it was fine. We went … [Read more...]