My thanks go out to Mary Bell of Florida for composing this piece from one of my photos and poems. Thanks Mary! Read more

I want to thank my friend Mark Hemmings, who is a professional photographer and is a part of our church, for permission to use his photos on my site. I also want to thank another friend and art-gallery owner Jorgen Klausen, another excellent professional photographer for allowing me the same permission. These two fine-art photographers should spice things up a bit. It’ll be nice to have some original, unique and powerful images to enhance this site. I’ll be back online… Read more

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God help me! I have to go to Vineyard pastors meetings tonight and tomorrow. I always dread these things. I hate boredom, same as this monkey. Good news is I’m usually glad I went when it’s over, having connected with other pastors and churches. It is good to get together I guess. The best times, to be honest, is when we crowd into one of our rooms, drink some wine, and laugh late into the night. Relationship is the bottom… Read more

On the one hand, this is a joke, but on the other hand, I heard a pastor say this once. Read more

Kenneth Cain Kinghorn, in Christ Can Make You Fully Human, writes: Scripture teaches that the greatest miracle is not a change of circumstances, but rather a victorious faith that sustains us in the face of trying circumstances. Read more

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I found this self-description over at this now unfortunately defunct online magazine. It reminds me of my favorite American essayists, Wendell Berry: Ours can largely be summed up as a localist, decentralist, anarcho-Christian and authentically conservative approach to politics and culture. As we have written previously, we believe that to suffer one’s place and one’s people in the particularity of its and their needs is the only true basis for finding love, friendship, and an authentic, meaningful life. This is… Read more

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A. W. Tozer, in “The Old and the New Cross”, writes: The new cross does not slay the sinner, it redirects him. It gears him into a cleaner and jollier way of living and saves his self-respect. To the self-assertive it says, ‘Come and assert yourself in Christ.’ To the egoist it says, ‘Come and do your boasting in the Lord.’ To the thrill-seeker it says, ‘Come and enjoy the thrill of Christian fellowship.’ The Christian message is slanted in… Read more

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