This isn’t an aerial view of northern barrens. This is the bark on a red maple in my yard. Not pretty as you might suppose. But i think it beautiful, though barren. And it got me thinking about the criticisms you’ve raised against my church. I have a revelation for you: all you see is bark. Yes, it can appear damp, dark and even dead. But you don’t know that coursing beneath its hoary membrane is life teaming. In the… Read more

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John Govan, S.J., in a Review For Religious journal article titled, “The Examen: Tool For Growth”, writes: There is a real grounding in our faith-history for an integrated vision which eliminates any tension or opposition between the human and the divine. Read more

frank emanuel over at freedom log has tagged me to expose 5 things about myself that you may not already know. so here goes: i am a sinner in a saint’s body: what i mean is, although i personally believe i behave within the bounds of what it means to be a christian and a pastor, as with Luther, Merton, Mohammed and other great saints, wine, women and song fascinate me, as well as a good smoke. i am a… Read more

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Abraham Heschel, in his book The Prophets, wrote: Ecstacy is often due to a theology of radical transcendence. Where God is thought of as wholly above the world, indifferent to man and absent from history, inaccessible to the mind and inconceivable in any way, ecstacy arises as an effort to force one’s way towawrd Him, as an attempt to cross the abyss. Read more

i’ve entered a cartoon contest. i hope i win because the winner receives an original cartoon from renowned cartoonist matt golding. you can check it out HERE. Read more

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what an awesome book! gritty, honest, courageous, informative and funny. this woman, Irshad Manji, is insanely brave AND canadian. i’m proud to share her citizenship. she not only openly questions what is questionable about Islam, but is also openly gay. you MUST read it. nearby friends: ask me to borrow it. it is the kind of book that inspires you to think outside the traditional categories you’ve inherited and come to cherish as certain. it’s also the kind of book… Read more

i saw this first this morning behind my house at dawn scientists say we can’t see light… only that which it illuminates. the invisible clarifies the visible. master of the universe… i cannot see you. but you’ve seen me, made me who i am, clarified me. i am only because you are. Read more

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