Paul Scott Wilson, in his book, Imagination of the Heart, writes: Our prophetic function prevents our ministry from becoming too narrow. Our pastoral function prevents our anger and frustration with the sin of the world (and ourselves: me) from turning into deep-seated bitterness. Read more


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this is another book that was given to me for christmas. it’s a whopper of a hardcover. you should see my biceps since reading it! i’m interested in U2 for their music, business and spirituality. (hm! all in the same sentence.) the photos are awesome. i think they are like the tipping point said, that something about them went viral. the drummer, larry mullens jr., writes: i have read a lot of rubbish about U2. sometimes when i see us… Read more

this is our first-born, josh. he lives in ottawa and is home for christmas. we love our three kids so much, and when he left after he graduated from high-school, it was like a friggin’ death! we sobbed like babies. it is a huge event when he comes home to visit. we have another son, jesse, who’s graduating this year and we’re already preparing for another ‘funeral’ because we’re sure he’ll head off to discover the world too. casile, our… Read more

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Paul Scott Wilson, in his book on preaching, Imagination of the Heart, writes: When the gospel is only stated conditionally, it is never fully released… Good news becomes better news if it is available in this second, in the already accomplished present. Read more

this is me looking at you looking at me. or is this me? i come to you via technological wizardry. i see it as only a reflection, but how many reflections are there? mirror. camera lens. my screen to yours. i am technically altered. i am naked underneath it all, but fully clothed is how i always present myself. even to you, my people. i hide my eyes so that you won’t see them because i cry when i feel…. Read more

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Krishnamurti wrote: Can this mind negate everything it has known, the total content of its own conscious and unconscious self, which is the very essence of yourself? Can you negate yourself completely?… Can you die now to everything you know and not wait for tomorrow to die? This freedomi in eternity and ecstasy and love. Read more

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