i received this pic in my email from someone i don’t know. how’d they get my email? the pic kinda freaks me out. i don’t understand it. is that santa & jesus? or dad & the uncle? the kids look strange. are they watching tv? apparently the artist knows what jesus looks like because he’s appeared to him now and then. unusual. anyway, merry freakin’ christmas! Read more

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so my talk SUCKED today. i mean SUCKED!!!!! i could tell when i was in the middle of it, and i was too discombobulated to do anything about it. i have to learn my own lesson of what i was trying to say about mary… that you shouldn’t try to MAKE things happen. that was my problem: trying to MAKE something happen. GEEEEEZ!!!!!! when will i EVER learn??? Read more

oswald chambers, one of my main directors in things wise, said, “There are times in the spiritual life when there is confusion, and there is no way out to say there ought not to be confusion.” i like this guy! simple, to the point, courageous, and willing to offend. i experience much confusion in my life, and so do all my friends. i also know people who deny that they are experiencing confusion because it doesn’t fit into their paradigm… Read more

another commercial that says it in a powerfully in a vividly memorable way. thanks jeff for the heads up on it. check it out here. Read more

like tonight, for instance, i realized that i didn’t want to preach tomorrow. i was dreading it. i ALWAYS take that as a sign, sometimes too late, that something is wrong. it’s 8:30 pm, a little late wouldn’t you think to redo a talk you are giving in a little over 12 hours, and you have to get a sleep in there. you know, we pastors can be dense! thick in the head. we’re slow to learn. sometimes i’ve been… Read more

my pal ellen sent me a link of a friend of hers, and her friend’s husband (they live in the UK), who have started an interesting blog. it is modern readings of scripture and other creative oddities. i enjoyed the readings i checked out so far. like this one from the the story of jonah: 1Now the word of the President came to Jonas son of Douglas Amittai Randall, Jr., via the US Army draft office, saying, 2‘Go at once… Read more

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Peter Rollins, in his influential new book, How (Not) To Speak of God, writes: Even a brief reflection upon the darkness in our own lives bears testimony to the fact that we need to be evangelized as much, if not more, than those around us. Read more

o ya! i finally made it into the top 50 religious blogs. so, i’m going to be religious and drink a spirit! i’m kicking out my french friend. actually, i consumed him. enter the chilean. celebrate with me! our next celebration will be when i make top 25. Read more

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