“In a situation in which everything seems to be ranged against the promise, faith is a being enabled to rest on the promise alone, refusing to demand visible or tangible signs” (Cranfield). Read more

Lisa and I were re-installed as the lead pastors of Rothesay Vineyard. It was a good day. Larry and Karen Levy from the Halifax Vineyard were visiting, and Larry spoke and addressed this important time of transition in the life of our church. He spoke about the “winter rains”, and how they can soften and prepare the earth for a receptive spring. He didn’t feel it was a time for harvest for our church, but rather a time of preparation,… Read more

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“Doing the expected is the highest value – and second highest is like it: receiving the appropriate admiration of one’s peers for doing it” (Thomas Cahill). </p><br /> Read more

This is a piece of a painting I did a while ago. God is good. Have a great day, and see you tomorrow. Read more

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“Through… trials we become strong enough to be humbled and wise enough to surrender” (Lucinda Vardey). </p><br /> Read more

What a day! I started reading a book that one of my friends/church members gave me to read: The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun. It is knocking me out! One sentence captures one of the things I want to come out of the closet on: “As Christians we are not to live by any vision or dream, nor should we seek after them. We must only live by the Word of God and seek… Read more

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“There was a moment, some years ago, when I realized with considerable astonishment that there isn’t a single miracle in the David story. Not one. There’s never any question but that God is at the center of the plot and always present (although usually silent and hidden) in the details…” (Eugene Peterson). </p><br /> Read more

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