how to succeed in ministry

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the separated son continued

Several weeks ago I posted this story on “a separated son” about a woman who has bought some of my art. After a bit of a relationship developed, she told me the horrifying story of her son who went missing on his 23rd birthday in the year 2000. Here’s a tribute letter she wrote to be read publicly at her church in Florida: A tribute to Joshua… a remembrance of the last conversation I was to have with my child…a… Read more

nothing to say, but it’s meaningful

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my favorite desk & office space

This “office space and desk” is a response to Adam Walker Cleaveland over at pomomusings: Read more

monday morning decision

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Fantasy and The Island of Marna

I entered a contest on another blog, Pomomusings, and won a book by the bloggers friend, Jamey Heit called, The Island of Marna. The only thing I was asked was to give a review once I read it. So here it is: My first impression when I got the book in my hand was, “Nice cover!” It reminds me of some of my paintings available in my ebay store: treetops against a dramatic sky. My second impression was, after reading… Read more

rainbows and hope

Last night, after a stressful day, I grabbed my pipe, loaded it with Executive Blend tobacco, and went down to the beach to pray. I looked back because the sky seemed more dramatic than usual. There, above my house, was this enormous and absolutely brilliant rainbow. I’ve never seen one so clear and bold. There was a second one circling it. I could see all two rainbows from beginning to end. Amazing! I rushed into the house and got my… Read more

how to distinguish yourself

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faith, darkness and some light

Anne Lamott has written a wonderful book called Plan B: Further Thoughts On Faith. You should read it. Well written and real. She took her friend who was dying of cancer away to a nice hotel and spa for an Easter weekend (a week late) and just treated her to a good retreat. It is a moving story. Lamott writes: “We celebrated Good Friday that night, a week late. It’s a sad day, of loss and cruelty, and all you… Read more

evangelistic sensitivity

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