Latino/a-American Muslims’ Growing Significance

Latino/a-American Muslims are a growing part of NbA Muslim culture.  The population is increasing through both conversion and birth, and include a variety of Latino backgrounds (i.e. Puerto Rican, Cuban, Peruvian, Dominican, Mexican, etc.).  As Latino/as influence on the American culture expands, Latino/a Muslims are becoming more significant to the American-Muslim hybrid culture. Latino/as connection to African-American communities also extend in the Islamic culture.  There is a long history of solidarity between Latino/as and African-Americans in resisting racism and oppression… Read more

Graduate Residency and Adjustments to My Final Thesis

I recently attended a residency for my college’s graduate students.  The residency provides an opportunity to confer about each other’s final master degree project.  It also gives graduate students a chance to discuss their research and project development with a variety of instructors. During the residency, I managed to confer with a few instructors with whom I will be working for the next few semesters.  Invariably, every one of them mentioned that they felt my final thesis was still not… Read more

A NbA Muslim Women Author’s Latest Book!

Alhamdulillah, NbA Muslim Woman author Sahar Abdulaziz recently released her new children’s book “The Dino Flu”.  The book is a colorful story about a dinosaur who uses his imagination to entertain himself while sick. The book is an example of Abdulaziz’s flexibility as a writer.  Her earlier works gracefully tackled hard social issues like mood disorders, mental illness, and drug addiction.  In “The Dino Flu”, she utilizes her style to tell a story that appeals to children and adults alike…. Read more

Towards Debunking the Islam-America “Square Peg-Round Hole” Fallacy

I was recently asked by a fellow academic how did I “assimilate Western values and cultural practices into my religion” and if “there a complete disconnect” or did I “find the process mostly fluid”? Below is part of my response: (more…) Read more