Muslims must consistently face and resist against anti-Muslim stereotyping and bigotry. In the article below, authors and experts address the bigoted connotations generated when Muslim authors are asked why extremism is not included in the children’s books they write.  LONG ISLAND, NY – An article about two American Muslim brothers who authored a series of children’s books turned from a positive human-interest story to what some are saying is a rancid accusation on American Muslim culture. Authors Amin and Muhammad… Read more

Children’s books play an integral role in a child’s development and identity. Muslim children’s book authors should be applauded for endeavoring to provide the Muslim youth with readable Islamic references to develop their worship and Muslim identities. Read more

Daylight Mamie Till’s pain didn’t crush her pride, when she held her son’s battered skull and said: “I see daylight on the other side.” (more…) Read more

Recently, a story about a group of women kicked off a wine train began circulating through social media. They were members of a book club, comprising mainly of Black women,  laughing on the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Apparently, one White female passenger disliked the women’s revelry and complained. Ultimately, they were escorted through six train cars, ejected and confronted by police.  The group received a full refund, but the ordeal left them humiliated. It is a curious thing for a… Read more

Review in SUNY Empire State College’s The Student Connection newsletter Khadijah’s Got Her Groove by F.A. Ibrahim University Publications $13.46, 184 pp, paper Belonging to a vibrant array of social intersections, I found it is often difficult to connect with a lot of available fiction. The literary market is flooded with writing that contains normalized white Christian/secular characters and issues. As a result, there is not a lot of diversity in traditional fiction publishing, which means… View original 454 more… Read more

A great short story depicting the struggles of the mother-writer! Ah, I’ve been in the heroine’s place so many times! Read more

This is a dynamic program! I can’t wait to get started! Read more

This is a presentation on #nbamuslims and Islam’s introduction as a substantive US religion. Muslims have been in America since before Columbus. Examples of Muslims in America include Pre-Colombian explorers, enslaved Africans, and immigrant waves beginning in the Nineteenth Century to present. During the mid-Twentieth Century, a group known as the Lost-Found Nation of Islam emerged in African-American communities and became a major catalyst for the introduction of Islam onto the American social, cultural, and religious stages. Because of attempts by the NOI to indoctrinate… Read more

NbA Muslim woman writer Sahar Abdulaziz’s book The Broken Half is featured in Book Reads Magazine.  The online publication is dedicated to introducing readers to new and interesting authors. Mabrook! For More on Sahar Abdulaziz, visit her: Author’s Page Facebook Twitter Read more

NbA Muslims project manager Layla Abdullah-Poulos will have a short story published in the next issue of the Metropolitan Review. Read more

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