“The bottom line is that racism among Muslims must be discussed openly, and leadership of masajid and Islamic organizations have to be challenged to systematically these issues.” A must read about shared experiences about racism.” Dawud Walid This article provided some value shared experiences about racism in Muslim communities. As an African-American Muslim, I find it enlightening to at least get some exposure to the thought processes and dialogues that feeds the fetid racial underpinnings in many American Muslim communities…. Read more

Walid offers a good introduction to a detrimental social issue plaguing American Muslim society. Read more

F.A. Ibrahim’s novel centers on Khadijah, a stay at home mom who is running a picture perfect household. She has a great husband, beautiful kids and things are always organized. Khadijah seems to have it all together until she begins to be affected by a series of situations that she must face.  As a result,  Khadijah decides to engage in a personal journey of self-discovery and enrichment. Read more

NbA Muslim author Sahar Abdulaziz has a list of questions that readers can ask her.  Visit Abdulaziz’s Facebook page and choose a question from the list.  The author will reply on Facebook.  What fun! Read more

 Read more

Visit the Masjid Allahu Akbar website for more information about the organization. Read entire article on onislam.net. Read more

 Read more

 Read more

Read more from LoDuca by visiting her website “The Muslim Next Door” Read more

Elle Muslimah writes a novel that follows four Muslim  friends and their relationships. Read more

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