As the new year dawns, many people will get started working on their New Year’s resolutions. For countless followers of Jesus, this means getting started on a new Bible reading plan. Many helpful reading plans are available, but reading plans are not really the point. The most important thing is that we are engaging with God through his word, growing in the knowledge of his word, and allowing what we learn from his word to change our hearts. As you… Read more

I’m grateful to all of you who read what I post here at One Degree to Another. Writing is an enjoyable outlet for me and is an outgrowth of my passion to see men, women, boy, and girls transformed into the image of Christ. (2 Corinthians 3:18) A lot of what I write here comes from reflections on my own life, thoughts that come to me as I read, and my now 15 years of full-time pastoral ministry. It was… Read more

It would be hard to overstate the role that good books have played in my life. Books have been my conversation partners, challenged my thinking, helped me see issues from a new point of view, transported me to places I have never visited, moved me to repent, and introduced me to people who have been dead for centuries. In 2014, I started following some good reading advice from Dr. Al Mohler and read across six categories– theology, biblical studies, church… Read more

Most people say they hate Mondays, but I’ll be honest, I love them. Mondays give me an opportunity to start the new week with a blank slate. If last week went poorly, I have the chance to start over and refocus. This is also the reason I love the first day of the month. So, as you can imagine, like most people, I love the turn of the page that signifies a new year. It’s a chance to step back,… Read more

Parents face the great joy and burden of teaching the Gospel to our children. Paul’s command to raise our children up in the discipline and nurture of the Lord should ring in our ears every day. (Ephesians 6:1-4) The problem for many of us is that we simply don’t know how to talk to our children about the Gospel. When we think about teaching the Gospel to our children, we shouldn’t focus on only one method for doing it. When… Read more

In our distracted and fast-paced world, many Christians struggle to gain depth in our spiritual lives. If our devotions happen, they are usually hurried, so we don’t often make the unhurried time that we need to soak in God’s word and linger before God in prayer that we so desperately need. The result is that we often evidence a weak and shallow Christianity. We may be able to fake depth for a while, but eventually, the hard times come and… Read more

Very few books are durable and lasting enough for others to write books about them, but Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age continues to inspire other authors to write guides for others to better understand and apply his work. James K.A. Smith carried this out a few years ago with his book How (Not) to Be Secular. This year, on the tenth anniversary of A Secular Age’s release, The Gospel Coalition published a book of thirteen essays, edited by Collin Hansen,… Read more

Last week the time changed and it would be difficult for me to overstate how difficult this time of the year can be for me. Typically, I leave the house before the sun rises in the morning and do not return until after it sets. Because of the nature of my job, most of my time during the day is spent indoors. During the late fall and winter months, I fight with what Winston Churchill called “the black dog.” Depression… Read more

Sometimes contradictory thoughts and feelings coexist in our hearts and minds. In one sense, I have never been more encouraged about the direction of Christianity in America than I am right now. I see pockets of brothers and sisters who care deeply about the Gospel, who connect their faith to their work, who take Jesus’ command to care for the least of these seriously, and who see the importance of healthy local churches. Unfortunately, some corners of American Christianity concern… Read more

Most of my weekdays follow a similar pattern. I take the scenic route home from work and turn the radio off when I cross the highway five minutes from my house. In the silence, I ask God to help me stay fully invested in my family when I get home. Some days, the front door flies open as I pull into the driveway and some combination of my four children greet me before I can get out of the car…. Read more

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