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Gospel Doctrine Podcast lesson 20- Ruth!

[audio:] Hit play above, or right click here to download.I present for your intellectual stimulation... Ruth. And it's a good one. By skipping lessons 18-19, I hope our podcasts now match up with most lesson schedules.See below for notes and references. … [Read more...]

DNA and the Concept of Kinship in the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon claims to be a record of some of the ancestors of current Indigenous Americans (American Indians, Native Americans). This aspect of the book was especially important to early Mormons. What is the relationship between the Lamanites of the Book of Mormon and Indigenous Americans? How does modern DNA science help answer the question? Different Latter-day Saints (and critics) have answered these questions in radically different ways. Some argue DNA studies support the claims of … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast, Lessons 16-17

(If you're coming from or the RSS feed, please click here for the proper post. Edit: I see that breaks the Podcast plugin. Stay here, then.)[audio:]Handy dandy player! Just click play! To download the mp3, right-click here and choose "save link as"I'm still working on issues of settings and audio quality, as well as production times. The next podcast will cover Ruth (Lesson 20), and is already written and being … [Read more...]

Gratitude and pain

A few weeks ago, I got sick. It came on steadily throughout the day. I felt tired and miserable. My body ached. When DH got home, he sent me to bed. As I laid there, I started identifying where I felt pain. My waist hurt. My toes hurt. My belly button hurt. My elbows hurt. My knees and wrists hurt. All the places in between hurt. As I was lying there feeling sorry for myself, my thoughts broadened. Some people are in constant pain because of illness or disease. I felt both grateful and ashamed - … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast- Lesson 15

(If you're coming from or the RSS feed, click here to see this page in its normal environment.)Yes, I KNOW you're all doing Malachi this week... I'm stubbornly posting my podcast on Lesson 15 anyway, because some people might still want to listen to it and I spent too much time re-recording after a system crash and data loss to just let it go. Next time, I'm combining several lessons and perhaps skipping one in order to get ahead. Right-click to download, or left-click to listen … [Read more...]

Secrets of the Mormon Vault Exposed!

In spite of being under 70 and not doing any genealogy family history herself, my wife has been condemned called in two different Stakes to run the Family History Center. This calling, believe it or not, has a bit of a steep learning curve, and potentially requires a lot of time. Since FHC workers interact a lot with non-LDS in a semi-official LDS role, as well as dealing with orders and money, customer service skills are a necessity, which is why you don't want Joe Schmoe Antisocial Wacko in … [Read more...]