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It’s Friday. Here’s what’s happening around the internet.

What’s traffic look like at the official LDS websites? This guy knows (or did.)- Link

Keepa looks at a time when you could be paid for doing names in the temple.- Link

Mormon Mommy Blogs appear to be very popular among young feminist educated atheists.- Link

Ken Jennings loses to Watson- Link

A story of healing, at BCC- Link

Christopher Hitchens v. the Mormons- Link

More responses to the NYTimes “Single, Mormon, Alone piece” from faithful LDS in similar situations at T&S. – Link

Taking away the wrong message from a lesson: “Want to feel the atonement? Sin big!” -Link

Ivan at M*  explains why we can easily get the wrong general idea from particular pieces of data, particularly with people.- Link

The greatest obstacle to understanding the Bible is thinking we already do- Link

University of Kentucky settles a dispute after not hiring an Evangelical- Link

Around the Internet
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