Quotes of Note- Elders Ballard and Packer on meetings

“Are you using the ward and stake councils effectively as they were intended? Don’t let them become meaningless exercises in organizational bureaucracy. The way some leaders conduct council meetings, you would think they really believe in a fourteenth article of faith:

‘We believe in meetings—all that have been held, all that are now scheduled—and we believe there will yet be held many great and important meetings. We have endured many meetings and hope to be able to endure all meetings. If there is a meeting, we seek after it.’

We hope you do not have a fourteenth article of faith operating in your wards.”– Source at lds.org

President Packer (quoted by Elder Kerr)- “It takes a pretty good meeting to be better than no meeting at all.”- Source at lds.org

Amen and amen. Now go forth and do thou likewise…

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