Secrets of the Mormon Vault Exposed!

In spite of being under 70 and not doing any genealogy family history herself, my wife has been condemned called in two different Stakes to run the Family History Center. This calling, believe it or not, has a bit of a steep learning curve, and potentially requires a lot of time. Since FHC workers interact a lot with non-LDS in a semi-official LDS role, as well as dealing with orders and money, customer service skills are a necessity, which is why you don't want Joe Schmoe Antisocial Wacko in … [Read more...]

First Gospel Doctrine podcast! Lesson 14- Exodus 15-20, 32-34

This is the first of our weekly podcast series, which will get prettier blog treatments in the future. For now, you just have to right-click and "save as" on this link to download the mp3 (7Mb). Or just click, and it'll open and stream in a new window. … [Read more...]

PH/RS Lesson 6: The Fall

I was asked to substitute teach for Priesthood recently. I feel that the boundaries and goals of Priesthood/Relief Society/Gospel Doctrine, which I don’t teach very often, are narrower than those of Institute, which I’ve taught for a long time.  As with all Church lessons, it is light-exegesis-pressed-into-inspirational-service. Preparation was different and more difficult than usual, but here’s how it went. I began by handing everyone slips with these two quotes, which we read."We set up assum … [Read more...]

Liveblogging General Conference

As with last conference, we'll be liveblogging General Conference including the Priesthood Session. CoverItLive works nicely, with live   updating, pictures, polls, and other things. Scripture passages also get recognized and cited quickly, thanks to Bibleworks which, due its robust importing abilities includes LDS scriptures.Since liveblogging essentially means taking really thorough notes, I end up paying much closer attention to Conference than I used to.Tune in Saturday starting at 10am C … [Read more...]

GD Lesson 13: Bondage, Passover, and Exodus

(This is actually by David Bokovoy, whose recalcitrant account won't let him access the blog.)With lesson 13, Sunday school students in LDS Gospel Doctrine classes move beyond the inspiring book of Genesis and begin exploration of Exodus, the second book in the Bible. … [Read more...]

Hello? Is this thing on? One two, one two…

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational blog!Seriously, we've got some good people lined up for this thing, and the programmers just threw the final switch on a Friday night, and went home. I'm sure we have some bugs to iron out. … [Read more...]