Christian Suffering in a World of Suffering

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By David A. Sánchez The recent focus on the kidnapped girls in Nigeria shines a light on the suffering of women and girls all around the world. Perhaps it is due to my ongoing fascination with Jewish and Christian apocalypses that the motif of suffering is constantly on my mind. I am always struck with John the Seer’s words of praise and encouragement in his letters to the seven churches of the Apocalypse that are patiently enduring persecution, affliction, distress, and … [Read more...]

Stand by Me: Memorial Day and the Healing of Souls


By Mary Hinkle Shore The Soul Repair Center was set up to focus on moral injury and the terrible toll it takes on military veterans. If you have to reassure someone that you’re not abandoning them, it may be because they feel you slipping away. In John 14, Jesus is responding to the anxiety of those he loves. “I will not leave you orphaned,” he says, but it is not clear how he will keep that promise. In a few hours, his arrest, trial, crucifixion and death will all have been … [Read more...]

Heaven Is a Home (John 14:1-14)


By Eric D. Barreto Undocumented immigrants like Thelma live in fear of deportation and losing their "home." When I was a child, my vision of heaven was riddled with roller coasters and populated by Disney characters. Let me explain. Growing up in Puerto Rico, the American “mainland” to our north was for me a dreamland of sorts. You could catch a glimpse of it on television shows depicting Main Streets lined with impressive trees. And of course, there was Disney World. As a … [Read more...]

Go Ahead and Die Already (Luke 24:13-35)


By Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder The role of race in the imposition of the death penalty is just one of the controversies that continues to surround the issue. Society has an affinity for death. There is a pervasive fascination with (im)mortality. We appreciate life, but we are seduced at the intricacies and unknowns of death. While there is much enjoyment and celebration over health, personal accomplishments, births, and birthdays, women and men around the world ponder the “what … [Read more...]

Seeing and Believing at Easter Time (John 20:1-18)


By Greg Carey People tell us about their belief in God. Easter Sunday marks the holiest, most exalted moment of the Christian year. In Easter services all over the world, trumpets and organs blast. Flowers transform churches with their brightness. Worship leaders boldly proclaim: “Christ is risen!” Congregations echo back: “Christ is risen indeed!” The cycle of celebration and repetition begins as it should – a festive proclamation of good news. In Christ God has overcome the … [Read more...]

Palm-powered Protest (Matthew 21:1-11)

Adam Copeland

By Adam J. Copeland People talk about the power of crowds to change the world. Have you ever noticed that society allows fans to do things that, short of fandom, we would deem absolutely crazy? When do grown adults have permission to paint their faces with logos except on the day of the big game? When is hugging perfect strangers acceptable? After a 3-point shot of your favorite team beats the buzzer, it’s expected. Screaming at the top of our lungs is perfectly acceptable when … [Read more...]